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16mm film; 425 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 042
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1929 – 1948
Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96: Reel 42 [Archie Stewart can notes: Good TAS [Thomas A. Stewart] Birthdays. Up ahead should like it. 1. Archie's birthday, 1929. Reading funneys (sic). 2. Archie's birthday. 1933. Sims, Weikerts, Northrops. 3. An evening with the Pierces, Northrops and Weikerts. 4. Archie's birthday, 1934. Duffy's, Propers and Geo. Northrup. 5. Archie's birthday, 1935. 6. Archie's birthday, 1938. 7. Archie's birthday, 1946. 8. Archie's birthday, 1948.]
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96: Reel 42 Screening notes: Intertitles throughout. Begins as above with titles for Amateur Camera League. 'Mary thinks up a surprise party for Archie's coming birthday.' Mary reading, looks up with smile. 'The reunion on February twenty-seventh.' Seven men in suits pose for camera. 'The same old gang but ten years older.' Men joined by Archie who hugs and clowns around. 'Looking them over closely we find -- Curtis Deming, Realtor and Bachelor from White Plains.' Seated man puts on glasses. 'George Northrop, Lawyer and Benedict.' Smiling man. 'Fred Balfe with Chevrolet at Tarrytown.' Man winks at camera. 'Elmer Gillespie, President of the Pyroglass Corp.' Shy MCU. 'Clark Smith with Lawson Hardware Company.' Smiling MCU. 'Wallace Reeks with Reeks Accessory Company.' Puffs cigarette. 'June Johnston, Member of the NY Stock Exchange.' Smiling, smoking, talking. 'And now, not only last but least -- Archie Stewart -- When better automobiles are built etc.' Laughing and talking. 'Reading the funnies.' Archie with Mary Stewart in lap. Pan of dinner table, candles lit, guests talking. Cake with many candles in front of Archie. MCUs of each guest, women wear corsages. Men joking around, drinking (ice cream shakes?). Pan and MCUs of guest seated in living room eating. Woman singing beside man playing piano. VS soldier in uniform talking with guests. VS, pans of party. George Northrop imitates gorilla. VS of people at dining table. (faded color) Archie opening presents. WS of table laid for party. Woman lights candles (2 takes, faded color). VS Dinner guests seated, talking. Mary posing in front of fireplace in 1890s dress, bonnet, parasol. Daughters pose for camera. VS of dinner party. Archie seated with Rob Golding, shakes hand, holding still camera. Mary lounges in wing chair with young boy on lap. Mary lying on couch. Tom Hafer sits on Archie's lap. Tom Hafer wearing MIT T-shirt, seated on Fred Hafer's lap, reading picture book at Hafers' dwelling, probably Albuquerque, NM.
Celebrations, Children
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