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5) 1108.0063_F16
16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
6) 1108.0062-.0064_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 063
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circa 1940
Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: 'Interesting to outsiders, November [not 1949]. Pretty pictures made for showing at club.' Opens with b&w 'Member of the Amateur Cinema League' title. Closeup of dog stalking large frog along shore of water. Dog pounces, catches frog in its mouth and carries the body to grassy area. [Percy Chase's dog at The Pines, Sysladobsis Lake, Me. There are other parts of this scene on another reel] B&w footage taken from a moving canoe of two moose swimming across a lake. First moose, with head just visible above water, swims to shore and scrambles into the woods. Followed by extended footage of another moose swimming across lake with closeup shots of the head and back. Moose again swims to shore and climbs onto shore and disappears into woods. Shot of pile of branches/logs along lakeshore with what appears to be a raccoon on the logs. Partially faded closeup color footage of roses and other flowers in yard. Woman sitting in yard with white cat on her lap shakes the paw of dog sitting next to her. Closeup of dog lying on its back, having throat rubbed. More flowers. Closeup of small fish swimming in aquarium tank. Mary's aquarium at 350 Grand Street. Basket full of black and white spaniel puppies. Puppies walk about on grass, drink from mother's teats. Young girls hold the puppies in their arms. Series of shots of streets lined by snow-covered trees and closeups of tree branches. Grand Street looking north from 350. Closeup of black and brown Gordon Setter, Patsey. Closeup of pink roses. Men at outdoor grill with stone chimney cook meat, Curtis yard on West Street. Young girls hold tame squirrels in their hands, play with squirrels, one squirrel clings to girl's head--"Salt" and "Pepper" orphans. Closeup of ant scrambling along tree bark. Speckled eggs in ground nest. LS of ground bird [killdeer?] running along grass. VS of nestlings beside dandelions. Hand slowly picks up chick. Tracking shot follows chick running in grass. VS flowers: forsythia, tulips, pansies, apple blossoms (faded color). WS of flowering tress over road. Various WS of garden, beds curving around lawn. Downing Park, Newburgh. Chick in nest beside egg. (color) VS of bird (robin?) on nest in nook of lattice arbor. Feeding chicks. 390 Grand Street? German Shepherd dog does tricks, roll over, beg, balancing stick on nose, climbs 6 foot fence to retrieve from roof. [Milford PA dog at Swiss Inn, see reel 10] Costume party: Mother Mary dressed up like Mae West, feathered hat. Young girl in spangled suit, swirling scarf. Group: Man as Rudolf Valentino sheik; Mae West, man with eye patch, train engineer, Victorian woman, Ian Dean as woman, Anne Dean in athletic letter sweater, South American garb, Fran Proper in German dirndl, Estelle Allott in Spanish mantilla, French aristocrat, Abe and Mary Lincoln, Harpo Marx mauling woman. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Powelton Club costume party includes Ann and Ian Dean, Estelle Allott, Johnny Wagner, Dinny Wagner, Fran Proper, Bill Scott, and other club members.] WS of men's feet on grass.
Lakes, Costumes

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