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16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0013-.0018_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0013-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 13
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1926 – 1927
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N13 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. 13. 'Log of Sea Gull. 3rd reel.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 13: 21:06. Intertitle: '3rd Reel, log of 'Sea Gull', 1926. Bound up river, Frances Lee at the helm.' Woman sits in bow of boat. She wears fur-collared coat. Other women sit behind her. She talks to pipe-smoking man at side. He talks as he smokes his pipe. Intertitle:'Holding down the stern, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Maxim, and Mrs. Whitmore.' 22:01. The three women sit side by side in the stern. American flag flies in stern. Boat wafts along on its voyage. Intertitle: 'Not the banks of the Nile, but the banks of the Connecticut opposite deep river.' River surface with trees of varied heights on immediate shoreline. Foliage of shoreline. Shrubbery juts out into water. Shoreline trees. Forested embankment. 23:00. Left-tracking pan. of area. River surface, slightly foamy. Trees of shoreline silhouetted against the sky. Intertitle: 'Wm. Gillette's Queer bridge at Hadlyme.' Arched bridge constructed of bricks. Intertitle: 'Our own Hartford Yacht Club, summer of 1926.' Exterior of yacht club. Building duplicates yacht exterior with upper railing and life-emergency inner tube attached. Car parked out front. Inner tube has 'Hartford Yacht Club' inscribed on front. 24:03. Open doors of club. Watercraft moored, primarily rowboats. Dock, gangway, water surface. More of same. Varied watercraft. Municipal buildings on immediate shoreline. Repeat of the same. 25:09. Arched bridge. Intertitle: 'The Back Yard Fleet, 1926.' Landed boats. Trees. Left-tracking pan. of the moored pleasure boats. Trees, foliage of area. Intertitle: 'A new Maxim silencer for outboard motors, Mr. R. B. Bourne.' Overhead shot of man working on outboard motor attached to boat. He removes item from small cloth bag he has with him. He works on the motor. He applies screwdriver to motor part. Sitting in boat, he starts voyage across surface. 26:43. Intertitle: 'Close-ups of some of our Hartford fleet.' Varied watercraft moored in harbor. Municipal buildings on immediate shoreline. Arched bridge. 27:01. Intertitle: 'A famous craft. Captain Miner's 'Folly'. Highly-original looking watercraft. Water surface slightly in motion. Trees of shoreline. Small watercraft adjacent to shore. Left-tracking pan. of area. Long boat which appears to be a cruise ship. Intertitle: 'Our club house certainly looked pretty in 1926.' 28:01. Distant shot of clubhouse. Overhanging trees, rocks of shoreline. Industrial boat on harbor surface. The arched bridge. Intertitle: 'October in Hamburg Cove.' Water surface. Varied trees of shoreline. Leftward track shot of area. Motorboat skims over water surface. 29:06. Intertitle: 'Hamburg. Late fall has come and is the season is nearly over.' Water surface. Club house. Trees of immediate shoreline. Screen intertitle: 'The Folly's' last trip of the season. Hamburg Cove.' Side view of highly-original watercraft. It commences its voyage. Intertitle: 'Capt. Miner hails us.' Capt. smiles as he leans against side of the boat. Canvas or tarpaulin partially raised. He nods as he saws a few words. Intertitle: 'Little 'Sea Gull' takes her last trip of the 1926 season.' Stern of the 'Gull'. 30:02. Intertitle: 'They hauled her out in November at Essex, and the season closed.' Trees, shoreline building, 'Dauntless Shipyard Inc.' Intertitle: 'The end. Here's hope for 1927.' Snow-covered yard. Storage building. Truck parked in yard with exposed bed. Intertitle: 'The winter almost gone--beginning to think again about boats.' Man pulls aside tarpaulin covering boat to examine section of boat. He examines interior of smaller, adjacent boat. 31:01. Side of this small boat. Side of the larger boat. Another tarpaulined boat. Intertitle: 'Officially opening the 1927 season.' Two men painting inverted motorboat. One paints while buddy mixes paint. 32:01. Crouching down, buddy continues stirring paint. He puffs on cigarette. Water surface. Trees of opposite shoreline. Intertitle: 'Oriole' and 'Sea Gull' afloat for 1927.' Man removes tarpaulin from boat. He sits in side of boat. Tarpaulin now removed, he stands in the 'Oriole'. Side view of another boat. It has overhanging partial roof for protection. 33:01. Trees of shoreline. Rocky terrain. View of boat with motorboat attached to stern. Intertitle: 'We take a snappy little run out into the sound with the Powells.' Woman holds onto column supporting roof, as boat wafts up and down in water. She smiles, enjoying the water's undulation. The boat continues its risky excursion. Frontal view of woman sitting. Flags attached to boat. The woman waves. 34:13. She removes a hankie from her garments. This boat tows a motorboat. Intertitle: 'Then the first cruise of the season, May 28, 29 and 30, 1927.' Angry, foaming water surface. American flag flying. The boat drifts, wafts up and down. Choppy sea continues. 35:01. Different larger boat with its own flag. Flags attached to side. Intertitle: 'Plum Gut on a flood tide and a fresh northwest wind.' Wrathful undulating waves. Side of boat. Pitching waves. 36:01. Attached boat as it is drawn by the larger. Rope attached to side of boat. The sea continues in its violence. Flags, supporting columns of boat roof. Intertitle: 'The Anchorage at Greenport with 'Tern', 'Goldenhind' and 'Dauntless'. 37:00. Two men in rowboat. One sits in stern while standing buddy wields oar. Sitting man enters roofed boat. Intertitle: 'Charlie Jaynes welcomes us aboard 'Tern'. Man standing in boat spreads out his arms in greeting. He 'blows' a kiss. He makes comic 'grand gestures'. Intertitle: 'Capt. Albert A. Pope of the 'Tern'. Shot of man. Intertitle: 'Dwight Holbrook on 'Tern'. Older man wearing sailor hat. He smokes pipe. (End of Reel 13.)

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