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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0022-.0024_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 024 (P12)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities shot primarily in Maine. Can/reel notes as follows; reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 24 (P12): [dc 1939] Reel 3. Fishing on Great Pond. FML Beechwood. White's farm. Scout camp. Rollercoaster. Trip to Hartford. 4th July. Potato race. note: book by Price (A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 24. 34:05. Pan. of cut wood, felled lumber in woods. Woman throwing sticks of wood. Assemblage of lumber. Man shaves tree trunk. CU of woman. Scratches nose on shoulder of blouse. Standing she wields oar in boat. She smiles, continues rowing. Man stands on shoreline, exhibiting large fish catch attached to stick. He walks along, proud of catch. Left-tracking pan. of trees, log cabin. More trees, log cabins. Woman crouched down with dog. Dog licks cat. Woman pats dog. Inner tube flaps in breeze. At cabin exterior, boy polishes shoe. Man with hands in pocket. Boy. Man with hands in pocket. Boy runs past. Boy by tree. Cabin exteriors. Man stands outside of tent. Man. Silhouette group of children at cabin exterior. Group disperses. They run about. Exterior of home. Square object is at base of tree. Pan. moves to side of home. Family emerges through side door. Two women complete this emerging group. 37:08. Rocky terrain at side of road. Cars going down road. Wall on opposite side of road. Move to water surface and mountain side at right of water surface. Silhouette of trees. Bridge. Left-track pan. of area. Mountain side on shoreline. Abundant foliage. Shoreline buildings. Sloping, white-roofed buildings. Small island jutting into water surface. Car motoring in area. Woman driver and passenger. Group gathered in area. Someone has vivid 'Western Union' sign. Woman, girls dressed for swimming. Two boys dressed same. Girl gives boy push. Woman straightens back of girl's bathing suit. Swimmer dives into water. Water surface in motion. Swimmers await on shore. Boy dives in water. Girl with towel about shoulders. Woman dives in. Water surface. Swimmers. Group of women with sacks, preparing for race. The women hop forward. Boy watches as women hop about, some in immediate area. Another group of women reach down to ground and secure small objects therefrom. They have taken objects forward, but now bring such back. Possibly spoons. Woman runs forward. Eggs are balanced on spoons. This is a race also. Girl brushes hair bangs out of her eyes. She smiles. Breeze blows shrubbery. She places hand through hair. Smiles. Another race. Boy comes forward. Secures egg in spoon. 40:03. Boy bandages or wraps girl's leg. Group of women. Woman ties another woman's leg to her own. Two by two, the women race forward. They circle around, legs secured to each other. Two men in lawn chairs watch the women. Group of tents. Two girls walk forward. Foliage. Teepee or American-Indian tent. Girl comes out of tent to join girl outside. The girls continue walking. Trees, foliage, water surface. Copious trees of shoreline. Left-tracking pan. of area. Group of tents. Sloping roofed dwelling. Other home. Porch with columned roof. Two girls walking on road. Girl runs. Girl primes pump handle. Girl drinks pump water from container. She does so with some difficulty. More pump handle priming and drinking. Silhouette of the two girls. Girls, women walking on wharf. Boys in group, as are girls, wear bathing suits. Girls walk down wharf. Platform in water. Rowboat at side. Swimmer dives off of platform. Moored rowboats. Boater wields oars of boat. 43:05. Boater docks boat at side of wharf and emerges as other girl walks on wharf. CU of blonde girl. She ducks out of way as if resented being photographed. Woman cleans interior stern of rowboat as she stands in water. Girl emerges from tent. Opening is drawn aside to reveal tent interior. This is a group or supply tent. Camera moves to right. Girl darts into tent. Another girl sits in front of tent in pensive pose, head resting in hand. Another girl sits at her right side. Two girls lower 'Jolly Roger' or pirate flag. They raise it. Group of girls walking. They line up, with others for flag salute. Hands raised to foreheads in 'Pledge of Allegiance'. American flag lowered. Group lowers hands in completion of salute. Group disperses. Boy applies hammer to wooden frame. Boy applies saw to beam. Hammers once more. The length of frame. Similar to roller-coaster track. Boy climbs to top of structure. Sitting on wheeled device, he descends track. Girl now takes turn. Small pillow tops 'rider'. 46:06. She takes another ride. Dog attempts to climb small wooden stepladder. Boy stands behind to secure dog. Boy holds up treat for dog. When he reaches top of stepladder, dog receives treat. Girl has climbed ladder. She caresses dog. Dog sniffs, wags tail atop ladder. Boy places dog on wheeled device. He holds device as dog takes ride aboard device. Same structure described in preceding paragraph. Boy gives dog another ride. Boy sits on device and takes a ride. Group of youngster run up in anticipation of riding thereon. One after the other, group members take 'roller-coaster' ride. Silhouette of girl descending. Girl, wearing dark glasses swings, 'Tarzan' fashion on rope. Blonde girl shoots arrow from bow. She has hit bull's eye of target. She removes her arrow. Coal yard. Truck laden with coal. Men walk beside of truck. Men working. Shot is shadowy. Man with sack over shoulder. Other man helps buddy with sack. Chunks of coal in truck bed. Man with sack over shoulder. Men shoveling coal. Man in business suit watches. Pan. of coal chunks in truck bed. 49:00. Man descends ladder on car of train. He smiles. He is African-American. Exterior side of train car with company name imprinted. Parked cars. Pile of coal. Right-tracking pan. of coal pile. Refined or ground coal automatically fed into truck bed. Man attends to descending refined coal. He evens out refined coal with shovel. The coal descends rapidly. Exterior of large cathedral. Its pinnacled tower. Descending track shot of same. Shot tracks to right. Bus goes down street. Parked cars. Other city buildings. Bare trees. Right-tracking pan. of area. Columned municipal building. Closer view of structure with its row of long windows. 50:16. Two men talking outside of public building. Man at right points outward. They walk away. 50:32. Man walks accumulation of coal beside of train car. Car has company name imprinted on side. Coal company sign on small billboard. Man wields sledge hammer outside of train car. Refined or crushed coal emanates from wheeled device. Shadow of man as refined coal descends to ground. Ground coal descending. Chunked coal going forward on ground. Coal chunks being evened out with inverted shovel. Coal dust. Ongoing refinement process. Coal chunks ascend on mechanical belt. Man attends output at top. 51:51. Water surface. Mountain side. Left-tracking pan. of area. 52:10. Industrial boat with its tall smokestack. 52:21. Young man smiling.(End of Reel 24.)
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