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16mm film; 50 ft.; Silent; b&w and color
[Haight--home movies] Reel 001
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Reel notes in quotes below; reel numbers are NHF-assigned. Reel 1: 'Non tennis touring. L.L. House. Mrs. Eisner. Tar Baby. Toby PVH. 1945.' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 1, 2/1999 JS: Intertitle: '....Connecticut, Haight, June 1947.....' (Part of intertitle is shadowed, blocked out.) (No time code.) Two women and man walking down path. Large black poodle joins the three. One of the women leaves and a boy replaces her. Other boy, with baseball mitt and ball, joins man. This young man has baseball mitt and ball. Two men shake hands. Boy throws baseball. Buddy fails to catch it. Family, two women, man, and two boys by stone wall. Boys pat poodle. Poodle jumps up on one of the boys. Man motions for poodle to join him. Woman at side. Poodle runs around with cloth draped over it. Boy uses coat like bullfighter's cape, trying to get poodle to frolic. Boy throws coat over poodle's back. Woman pats poodle and removes coat. Foliage. Flowering tree. Man and woman walking on wooded path. This and all of aforescribed seems to be in public park. Poodle runs along path. Irises in bloom. (End Reel 1)
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