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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 4
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1941 – 1959
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 8/97 (notes are divided into 9 parts due to length, donor's notes inserted in brackets): [Location possibly Greenville, Maine or Knowlton, Quebec, Canada.] MS of older child, nine or ten, with younger child, three or four. MS of puppy happily walking down the street. CU of child's face. Another CU of child's face. Puppy follows at his heels. Rear silhouette shots of child with puppy at his heels. MS of child opening door of car. CU of child walking forward. MS of child sliding down hill on rearend. Rear shot of older and younger child with puppy frisking about. Silhouette of two children climbing snow-covered hill. They turn and wave at camera. They walk back down the hill. One walks and partially slides down smaller hill on posterior. The other slides down on their rearends. MS of lady descending steps. She has an infant in her arms. CU of woman holding child. She talks to infant. CU of infant's face. Lady kisses infant. Series of CUs of infant's face. Rear shot of lady in fur coat hurrying through snow while carrying infant in her arms. Shot of garden of flowers. The flowers are orange in hue. Might be poppies. [Location now is Florida] Flamingoes strut adjacent to flowers. LS of flamingo preening and scratching itself with beak. Quick shots of birds caged in zoo. They look like peahens. Quick shot of baby llama. Quick CU of white swan. Rear shot of child running through snow. Shot of child sitting on snowbank. MS of child in snowsuit smiling. Child runs forward. Child rolls down hill in snow. MS of child crawling uphill on hands and feet. MS of child pulling younger child along on small toboggan. MS of child on toboggan. Rear shot of child running toward woodpile. MS of lady dressed in white blouse, black skirt. Has turban on her head. She points and moves to the right. She ascends nearby steps. Grainy, poor shot of girl walking down the sidewalk. She has umbrella. MS of child swinging. Photography poor, grainy. Little boy runs up. Tries to grab girl. Mother, older lady enters shot. She occupies swing. Rear shot of boy in field. He walks up hill to two other children who await him there. The children wave at the camera. Shot of long wooden building. Child walks in field just in front of building. Pan of the building. Quick vertical pan of the building. MS of child walking down road. He joins woman who is waiting for him. Child is girl. Both now face camera. MS of child in swing. Child spins around and around in swing so that rope of swing is twisted. Child steps out of swing for CU. Quick shot of child in bakery window. MS of two boys walking across snow. One makes exaggerated motions, pretending to be slow, crippled. Both wear skis. The first boy falls down. The second boy does so also in a sort of 'good sport' gesture.The first boy has risen now. Grainy CU of woman's face. Emphasis is on her temple. CU of very young boy. He rises, toddles forward. Rear shot of boy walking. He turns, faces camera. MS of two children playing outside. Quick shot of children in unusual swing. MS of boy smiling. He is behind screen door. He smiles, swings screen door gently back and forth. MS of boy emerging from behind screen door. Clad in his trunks, he is ready for a swim. He descends steps and runs across yard. // Reel includes short western, 1937, silent with intertitles (approximately 20 ft.). Title card: 'Cine Art presents 'The Outlaws Escape.'' LS of man on a horse on desert. Boulders, sand, sagebrush. LS of horses and cowboys scurrying across desert, through passes. Alternate shots of hero, villain. MS of cowboy swinging a lariat. He lassos man and helps him up. Screen intertitle:'Well, if it ain't Bill Keats! How many times have I gotta bust up your lynching parties!' MS of the two men. The villain holds his hands up while the hero points a gun at him. Hero removes lasso from villain. MS of rocky desert landscape. LS of whole posse of cowboys riding through desert pass. They dismount from horses. One man grabs another violently. Screen intertitle.'There'll be no lynching, Torrance! He's my prisoner and he'll get a fair trial!' MS of the three cowboys. Man on left, the hero, points a finger at the man who has lassoed and unroped. Man in the middle says a few angry words and mounts his horse. The other cowboys ride away. Hero says something to the villain. Both act agreeable. LS of posse riding in desert.
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