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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1108.0074.02-.0076.01_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 075
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Can Descriptions
Reel 75: Archie Stewart can notes: Maryah's trip West, 1939. 1) San Francisco World's Fair. 2) Yosemite Park. 3) Oregon: Mt. Hood, Columbia River, Multnomah Falls. 4) Walla Walla, Washington. 5) Yellowstone National Park. 6) Burlington Zephyr train. 7) Sequoia National Park. Filmed by Mary Stewart Screening notes: Silent. Locations listed below are cataloguer's guesses based on Stewart can notes. San Francisco, various wide shots of international world's fair pavilions buildings, fountains, statues, gardens, plan of park, rickshaw [jerky, short shots]. [Yosemite?] WS of mountains, pine trees, waterfall. Bear with injured paw hops towards girl. Pans of sheer rock face of mountains. Waterfall. [Oregon?] Snowy mountain peak. HS of wide river [?], small island. Waterfall, bridge in FG. [Walla Walla?] Two older woman picnic, standing in garden with white picket fence. Joined by man, boy, dog. MS dog. [Yellowstone?] MCU Geyser burbles, feet of onlookers in BG. WS steam rising. MS bubbling [hot springs?] WS steam rising. Large spray from geyser. Various WS of steam billowing across landscape. 'The Pump.' WS of bay or lake, cars in FG. Sign 'Fishing Cove.' WS of train at station, platform and pillars in FG. WS of mountain range. Moving shot from train of mountainous terrain, scrub pine. Rocky precipice with pedestrian suspension bridge. Moving shot across plains, mountains in BG. People clambering about cave [?]. Sign explains 'Mud Volcano,' bubbling appearance caused by escaping gas. Sign: 'Dragon Mouth Spring.' WS of wide waterfall, surrounding mountains. Redwood or Sequoia trees. Tourists standing beside massive trunks, tunnels carved through trees. Sign 'Elev. 6810,' VS of valley, mountains, cliffs.
Donor-supplied Notes
Mary Stewart Hafer notes: 1939 Western Trip with "Cousin Catherine" Weaver Miss Weaver was a cousin of my grandmother, Ella Florence Todd Warden. She was Principal of Chestnut Street School, Newburgh, NY. Movies taken by Mary, aged 14. Outline of Trip: Was invited by "Cousin Catherine" to accompany her. My father [Archie Stewart] strongly advised against it. He thought I would be bored in company of elderly, talkative spinster. He was wrong. I had a great time. We took New York Central Pullman to Detroit. Had layover of several hours. Took a city bus for five cents on circle route around city. Took train to Chicago. Changed trains to Burlington Zephyr. I was fascinated by this streamlined, ultra-modern train. Traveled across the west and through Royal Gorge in Colorado to Salt Lake City. Stayed at Hotel Utah, toured city, swam in Great Salk Lake. Took train to Los Angeles. Catherine indulged my wish to swim in Pacific Ocean. We took trolley to Long Beach, past working oil wells, which I found interesting, to a beach with a bathhouse. That night we took an antique sleeping car to Fresno (?). We had a bus tour of Sequoia National Park and bused to Yosemite National Park where we stayed at Ahwahnee Hotel. We toured Yosemite by bus. Took train to San Francisco and stayed at St Francis (?) Hotel for several days. Visited Chinatown where I bought yellow silk pyjamas that I wear at 15th birthday costume paty in Mary-Ah reel. (I still have them.) We spent a couple of days at the '39 San Francisco World's Fair. Took train to Portland OR where we stayed with friends of Catherine. They took us to Multnomah Falls, the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River, where I particularly remember the fish ladders. We visited Mt. Hood and had lunch at the grand lodge there. Next, we spent a week with the Woodward family in Walla Walla WA (also old friends of Catherine). Their son, Jimmy, became a doctor. Don't know what became of daughter. Took a train to Yellowstone National Park and spent a number of days there at various inns. We toured the park in 1911 open top buses. (Sorry I don't have pictures. I bought two rolls of movie film in Yellowstone that were totally defective. ) We returned to Newburgh by train via Niagara Falls. The sequence of the pictures should be: 1. Burlington Zephyr train 2. Pictures of western landscape from train window. 3. Royal Gorge in CO (high suspension bridge) 4. Sequoia trees in Sequoia Natl Park 5. Yosemite Park 6 '39 San Francisco World's Fair 7. Oregon: Multnomah Falls (with foot bridge), Columbia River, Mt. Hood 8. Woodward family & dog in Walla Walla WA 9. Yellowstone National Park.
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