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Mag the Hag
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Viewing Notes
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N7 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 7: 26:23. Intertitles: 'The Hell's Bells Players present 'Mag the Hag', a Dripping Melodrama. Written and directed by W. H. Atshisname. Censored by the National Board of Senseless Authors. Cast: Percy Proudfoot, Percy Maxim (By Special Arrangement With David Belasco), Elizabeth, his Aristocrooked Sister, E. Hoxsey Griggs, by special arrangement with Miss Sally Masters). Mag the Hag M. Emerson Bush (By special arrangement with the Eastman Kodak Co.), Peg, a child of Nature, Peggie Bush (By special arrangement with Halfwit Fox.) 27:02. Nestled among the hills of southern Connecticut Percy Proudfoot, the aimless scion of a wealthy old family, finds happiness in the cure. Love of a simple country lass, much to the chagrin of his aristocratic sister.' Woman sits sewing at outside table. Shrubbery in background. Dapper man approaches with cane, smoking cigarette. He wears straw hat. 28:02. He sits in wicker chair, opposite woman. He lays hat on table. Hangs cane over back of chair, resumes smoking. Bird flies by. Woman talks to him. He drags on his cigarette. Intertitle: 'Elizabeth scorns her handsome but hopeless brother while percy denies his sisters' accusations and asserts that he is quite capable of looking after himself and his own affairs.' Woman gestures as man opposite continues smoking. He gestures also. Intertitles: 'Elizabeth scorns her handsome but hopeless brother while Percy denies his sisters' accusations and asserts that he is quite capable of looking after himself and his own affairs.' 29:07. Man continues to smoke as he talks to woman. He rests his leg on arm of chair. Scren intertitle: 'In a weather beaten hut, dwells Mag the hag, a feeble old crone with a cackling laugh and misshapen body. Legend has it she guards a wondrous talisman , but none have dared brave her in her solitary den to learn the truth. Ramshackle shack. Mag emerges leaning on her cane. She appears just as formerly described. Mag has a pan. She crouches down and gathers herbs. 31:02. She hobbles back to her den. CU of Mag. Hilarious impersonation by man in 'drag'. He wears grotesque wig and smokes a pipe. He wears long bolts of cloth for dress. He strikes bitter-woman expression. Mag makes her way across grounds near her den. 32:02. Leaning on her cane, she walks toward her destination. Car motors down road. Man emerges, throws straw hat back into car. Intertitle: 'Stranded upon a deserted road,unable to help himself, our hero realizes his utter incompetence.' 33:02. Man stands briefly on runningboard. He lifts hood of engine and begins to work inside. Mag approaches. Man notices her as he brushes his hands off. She hobbles along, but falls. 34:04. Man rushes to help her up. He adjusts her cloak for her and resumes working on his car. As Mag goes on her way, he sits on runningboard. In despair he rests his head in his hands. Mag hobbles back. She touches man with her cane. He rises. She pushes her hair out of her eyes. She talks to man. He gestures. Intertitle: 'Her lonely old heart softened by the unexpected kindness of the young man, the hag rewards him by passing the magic talisman before the car.' 35:06. Mag gestures and semidances as man scratches head. She touches hood of motor. She dances, gestures. She bows to man. He touches her, gives her a gentle hug. Mag hbbles along as man departs in car. Man stops car, emerges. Intertitle: 'Moved by a sudden impulse Percy returns to his benefactress and begs the use of the magic stone by which he may establish himself in his sisters' graces.' 36:18. Man runs. Man sits in wicker chair. He examines small object. He rises from wicker rocker. He places object on table and covers it with cloth. 37:05. He makes mediumistic or hand passes over table top. He lifts cloth. Larger object has appeared on table. It appears to be a gourd. Standing by table, he reaches into his suitcoat pockets. Woman carrying book sits in chair at right of table. Man lights cigarette. He firmly pushes gourd. Intertitles: 'Goaded by his sisters' continued scorn he rushes out to find solace in the unfailing love of the innocent country maid.' 38:01. He lifts straw hat from table. Country maid sitting on stone wall. She is eating an apple. She has a coy expression on her face. Man approaches. Removing his hat, he bows to her. He kisses her hand and sits on ground. He talks to her. 39:00. He places his hand on hers. Touches her on leg. They hold hands, walk away. Woman sits in wicker chair. She is reading book. She looks at her watch. She resumes reading. Hand in hand, country maid and man approach table and reading woman. 40:02. Reading woman rises. Cat wanders by as the three talk. Both women sit as man stands. Man touches gourd on table. He holds it up. Reading woman comments. He places gourd back on table. 41:00. He covers gourd with cloth. Ladies watch as he makes passes or gestures over concealed gourd. He lifts cloth to reveal that gourd has disappeared! Intertitle: 'Fear enters the heart of Little Peg as the power of the talisman is manifested while Elizabeth marvels at her brother's power.' Woman standing sits down. Man shakes finger at her. He picks up object on table which appears to be brush. 42:04. He picks up small object on table. He caresses, manipulates object. It is a cat! Man hugs, kisses cat and places on table as women watch. The women rise from their chairs as cat walks away. Country, pig-tailed girl takes man by arm. Other woman pats man on back. He takes country maid by arm. 43:01. The three talk as country maid straightens lapel of man's jacket. The two women kiss. Man puts arm around each woman. The three walk about. Intertitle: 'Then the Great Miracle!!' Man touches country maid on shoulder. He caresses her with side of his hand. 44:04. He gestures over country girl, pats her head. He makes mediumistic passes or gestures over her. Lo! and behold! She has turned into another, more sophisticated woman. Pigtails are gone! She wears a hat and becoming dress. A miracle of feminine transformation! As other woman looks on, man gestures with outheld hands. Transformed woman and man touch each other on shoulders. Other woman raises her hands as the couple embrace. The couple kiss. Intertitle: 'All obstacles removed at last, Peg and Percy find happiness in their great love.' 45:00. Peg and Percy kiss passionately. They fall out of camera range! Intertitle: 'The End (Absolutely). End of Reel 7. 30:19.'Mag the Hag.'
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
The first issue of Amateur Movie Makers proposed the establishment of a film exchange. Some available films were listed, including these offered by Maxim himself: 'Mag the Hag'--A play by three Dobbs Girls. Taken early in history of amateur cinematography and a very funny example of early attempts at amateur photoplays. 400 ft., one reel. The Amateur Cinema League and its films. Article from: Film History | April 1, 2003 | Kattelle, Alan D.

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