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1) 1108.0019 - 1108.0020_F16
16mm film; Reel 19 280 ft. Reel 20 260 ft.; Silent; b&w
2) 1108.0019 - 1108.0020_VHS
3) 1108.0019 - 1108.0020_SVHS
4) 1108.0018-.0019_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) 1108.0018-.0021_DVD
DVD; Unknown
6) nhf-1108_0019a.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 019-20
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Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: Reel 19 & 20: Archie Stewart can notes: Part One 1930 hunting trip. Contains father, Mr. [Herbert] Warden and 'Uncle' Roy Curtis. Reel 20 starts with father at Unknown Lake. [Herbert Warden was Archie's father-in-law.] Screening notes: Opens with 'Amateur Cinema League'. Leaving Newburgh from Newburgh-Beacon ferry. Train trip through Western Massachusetts. Train station signs for Williamstown, North Adams. Moving shots from railroad car of countryside. Caboose of The Flying Yankee. Moving shots from rear of train. Rob Golding cranking automobile to start. Howard Kendall lashing canoes to top of cars. Unloading gear. Changing car tire. Attaching motor to canoe. Launching, moving shots from boat; towing second canoe. Hunters gathered for a smoke. [Grandfather Stewart, Grandfather Warden, Roy Curtis] Trekking through forest. Fire prevention sign posted on tree. Howard Kendall pulling canoes thru shallow streams. Camp fire. Erecting large canvas tent. Guides talking around fire, preparing meal. Canoe lands, deer carcass hauled out by hunters; hang deer from tree; carrying back to campsite. At The Pines on Dobsis Lake. Chase family dogs romping near cabins. People arriving in city garb, load onto large boat. Long strange sequence of boy and girl wrestling. Appears boy is trying to catch camera-shy girl to pose with her family. Portrait of family. Chase family. Pumping gas in Perry, Maine. Filling car with gasoline. Departing from Perry train station, moving shot from rear car. Rob Golding; Howard Kendall waving goodbye. Steam locomotive engine entering station. (wonderful footage) VS of countryside from train window, front and rear. Christmas trees ready for shipping.
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