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1) 2313.0020_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
3) 2313.0015-.0020_DVD
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 20
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1939 – 1940
October Thru February 1939-40 Donor notes on can: October thru February, 1939-40. Faith in October, Dec, 12, 1939 + Jan 19, 1940. Ann + Alice Jan 21, 1940 Ice + swimming in Maine Feb 17, 1940." Donor notes in can: "Faith on lawn Oct 1939 Faith in nursery Dec. 12 1939 Faith + Ann + Alice in Nursery Jan 19, 1940 Ann + Alice on tennis court playing auto-- Jan 21 1940 Snow + NC16817 at East Boston, Flying to Maine, Ice in Maine, Herrick House, Wilder's Boat Yard swimming, etc. Feb 16-18, 1940 Willis +ACB Swimming among ice cakes" Chapie Bemis on lawn with Faith (born January 20, 1939) and three dogs, in October, 1939. Probably shot at the Bemis home in Wayland, MA. Faith plays with a light meter. Views of Faith taking first steps in the nursery, December 12, 1939, playing with dolls, reaching for toys with Chapie. Faith, Ann, Alice in nursery January 19, 1940. CUs of Alice with Faith, Faith being carried on Ann's shoulders. Faith carries a film can around. View of Alan carrying Faith in nursery, and sitting and playing with her. Alice gives her a kiss as she gets ready to go outside. Views of Alice and Ann on the tennis court in the snow, with tricycles and a pushed sled. The two play "Auto", crashing their tricycles head-on like "Motormaulers". Alan drives a Farmall snowplow while Chapie digs out their car. Views of green airplane NC16817 sitting in snow by InterCity Airlines hangar in East Boston. Views of Bemis plane (Fairchild 24) in hangar, with wings off, being painted Cirrus red with the numbers being painted in black. More snow shots of Boston airport with people boarding small Boston Maine Airways plane and views from plane as it takes off over Boston Harbor. Views of snowy island below. Views of Wilders Boat Yard, ice in bay, a lobster boat iced in, ice-fishing hut on bay surface, Herrick House (?) under construction as Harold Willis and Chapie are at site. More views of ice blocks along the shore, and views from High Head, the Bemis summer home, of the ice in the cove, and the dock without its float. Chapie, Alan, and Harold Willis sitting in sun outside a building in winter, then Alan and Harold on the ice in the cove, goofing around. Shots of Willis in his skivvies jumping into the ice-filled water, then diving into unfrozen water. Pans up to High Head.
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