3 Copies of This Film
1) 2167.0012_F8
Film; 8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 2167.0010-.0013_DVD
DVD; 1:02; Silent; b&w and color
3) 2167.0010-.0013_BSP
BetaCam; 1:04:10; Silent; b&w and color
Bailey Island--King Family--home movies. Reel 12
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circa 1938 – 1942

Credit: King Family Collection, Northeast Historic Film.

Can Descriptions
On can: "Bailey's 1942. Patsy + Billy. Nana, Paw Paw. Lots of Surf + Pinnacle Rock."
Viewing Notes
Color, Patsy swimming in ocean. Stone bridge in background. Children jump and run on dunes. Parents in summer clothes walk on sand. Birch trees with children in them. Desert of Maine sign. Train, with mother looking out of train, cog railway? Telescope at tourist site. On mountain conveyance, red and green cars on two tracks. Dog in seaweed pool. Children around rock wave at camera. Billy boosts Patsy up rock then she helps him climb up. They wave at camera. At the shore, seagulls on a calm day. Children in costume walk in a circle. Baby (fourth child)? Father holds baby. Girl in red coat on tricycle. Parents with baby outside. Children throw snowballs. More costumes, very poor exposure. At a park. Playing horseshoes outside shingle summer home. Man in shorts, shakes hands with his son. Children in water stand up and show off seaweed. They splash their father. Patsy has a seaweed shawl, wide kelp. Schooner sailing. On a sailing outing, briefly. Children paddle a green flat bottom rowboat. Patsy in life jacket, dog looks out boat. Mother cuts father’s hair outside, he smiles. She uses a clipper around his ears. Family in rowboat, too dark. Son rows. Men on dock. Family in ocean. At the beach having a picnic. Child jumps off dune. Father on yellow inflatable dunks himself. Father, grandfather and dog on rock. Men jump in water. Faded scene. Dog swims. Rocks and ocean. Stormy. Dark cookout, continues underexposed and contrasty. Children prepare and eat marshmallows. Brick house, children all dressed up, come out and pat dog. Flare. Picnic on lawn, underexposed. Back yard, dog pulling something. Dog swims with stick. Playground jungle gym. Patsy in braids stands on top, other children hang. Drinking from public fountain, sliding on slide.
Compiled color home movies of the King family traveling and at play, with many scenes at the beach.
Swimming, Sailing
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