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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
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[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 031 (F1)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 31 (F1): [no can/reel notes; dc 1926-1927] note:book by Price (A Bad Case of Moosepox). // (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes: 01:22. Man in driver's seat of car. 01:27. Two young men sitting in edge of pickup truck bed. 01:29. Ferry arrives at Bucksport. People watch from shore. Captain extends gangway. Men dismount. African-American man carries luggage. Men standing at shed exterior. Former passengers walk by. Some men enter shed. Street of town. Parked cars. Horse waits to draw carriage. Train in background. People walk in street. 02:11. Group of boys pile into open car. They dismount. 02:41. Home exterior. Car parked in yard. CU boy. 03:00. Upward moving vertical shot of boys sitting on steps of home. Man with them rubs his hands together. Tent is adjacent. Boy adjusts cap. Buddy behind removes cap. Places cap on another boy. 03:16. Steam emanates from small vehicle which man moves forward. Boy behind wears horns of deer or moose on his head. Other boys carry items. Vehicle is like a small locomotive. '999' on front. Horned boy. 03:33. Boy carries box aloft in one hand. 'Human' costumed horse trots behind boy. Boy, man pull on 'horse's' side reins. 'Horse' resists as boy and man try to subdue 'steed'. 03:58. Man pushes two boys in wheelbarrow. Boy behind scatters powdery substance, rice or sawdust. 04:02. 'Just Married' sign. Drapery at side. Two boys. One has cloth over head. 'Mock' bride and groom. 'Bride' talks. Man smiles in background. Boy with small ladder. 'Locomotive'. Continuation of comic fun. Man blows trumpet. Barrel 'locomotive' has stalled, smoke exuding from its stack. Boys scurry about in their costumes. 04:41. Boy carries American flag. Boy on each side of him plays musical instrument, drum and fife. 04:53. Boys bear mock steamship forward. It is composed of bed sheets, but real steam exudes from smokestack. Propellers turn behind. 05:05. Two boys, mock bride and groom. 'Bride' throws fragments of paper party favor. Man pushes them on wheeled vehicle. Wearing captain's hat, he smiles. 05:11. Group of boys sitting on ground. Scan of group. Man stands behind the assemblage. (This part of film is tinted sepia.) Boys push brooms or long-handled objects within lower confines of wooden box. Man. boys at cabin exterior. Boys continue box activity. Box is empty. They continue plying long-handled wooden pieces. 06:01. Group of boys attired for swimming. Boy attempts to climb pole. Successful, he removes object from top. Group dissembles. 06:31. Same group of boys in conventional clothing. Boy pitches horseshoes. Buddy and self wear sailor hats. 06:44. CU man in late 20's or early 30's. Younger blonde man. 06:52. Boy pushes on tree. Is successful in attempt to fell it. 07:00. Group of boys. One whittles with his jackknife. 07:04. Man blows bugle. 07:08. Boy smiles from tent. Tents are piled one on the other on wooden platforms. Boy in pajamas descends small wooden ladder which gives access to top tent. Boy descends same kind of ladder leading to lower tent. Another boy runs down from his tent. Bare-chested boy. 07:42. Three boys at car exterior. One has only towel wrapped around his torso. Other boys still in pajamas walk forward. 08:00. The group commences free-hand or aerobic exercises. Arms spread. Bend over. Rise. Bend to side. Stretch. Spread arms. Raise arms above head. Continuation of exercises. 08:40. Group boys at cabin exterior. All have open books. Man with open book stands in front of boys. He moves his right arm about. Group may be singing. He continues to move his arm. View of group. 09:19. Bare-chested boy throws baseball. Bare-chested boy positions bat. Misses thrown ball. Repositions self at bat. Another fully-clothed boy comes up to bat. Boy with hand on hip. Both wear uniforms, but not baseball attire. Catcher catches baseball in mitt. Boy falls to ground trying to touch base. Boy with chest-protector. 09:52. Group of boys, variously attired. Boy at side swings bat. Scan of group. Bare-chested boy whose shirt hangs over trousers. Baseball continues. Shot of group. Under-shirted boy comes up to bat. Boy with face-shield and chest-protector. He catches ball. 10:29. Boy on lake shoreline. Water surface in motion. Boy sitting on structure. Boy chops with axe on felled tree. Right-tracking pan. of group of boys. One in front touches side of head. Two wear sun visors on hats. One boy buttons shirt. Boy scratches head. Continuation of group pan. Boy brushes bangs out of eyes. Smiling boy. 11:26. Group is engaged in activity. Boy moves stick back and forth. CU of boy. Fish on board lies at his bent knees. 11:38. Three boys cranking ice cream freezers, the old-fashioned kind with handles. Boy places small shovel of ice in one of the freezers. 11:48. Boy kneels in rustic chair as he saws on plank of wood. Fervent sawing continues. 12:08. Boy in sailor cap leans over and retrieves something from the ground. Now he has pan over flame of campfire. 12:25. Boy turns crank of circular device which is a mimeograph. Printed sheets of paper come forth. 12:35. Boy stands in canoe. Long stick used as an oar has device on end which is like circular powder puff. Buddy has same. Very subtly, they enter other canoe and invert one they were in on shore. They set forth. The two now swim in water. Three boys on shore. Boy rowing canoe. 13:04. Boy draws stern of canoe shoreward. Other boy rows canoe. He raises his hands in victorious, self-congratulatory manner. Canoe laden with boys. Two sets of oars manned by two boys. 13:18. Two different boy swimmers. 13:28. Group boys walking single file. Each wears a backpack. One carries walking stick. Some of group trails behind. Breeze wafts branches of trees. Boy with duffel bag. Carries other luggage over shoulder. 13:56. Group of boys in truck, vehicle. They dismount. Walking forward, bearing backpacks. 14:09. Boys in bed of truck. Their legs dangling over end. 14:15. Boys emerge from car. Men counselors, adult males present. Other boys enter car. Car has canvas hood. Men enter front seat. Man waves as vehicle is driven off. 14:34. Rocky surface. A few items on rocks. Two boys partake of soup. Other boy folds cloth item. 14:05 (Time code mistake? Cataloguer writes as is on video transfer.) Silhouette of boys on wharf. They have backpacks. (End of Reel 31.)
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