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1) 1521.0020_VHS
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3) 1521.0020_F16
16mm film
4) 1521.0020_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
5) 1521.0007,0020,0021.002_F16
16mm film; Unknown
6) 1521.0019-.0022_DVD
DVD; Unknown
7) nhf-1521_0020-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 20
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1927 – 1928
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N19; can numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 20: Intertitle: 'John G. Lee Family Album, Vol. 2. 01:02. Mother returns to girlhood days, September cruise, 1927.' Boat traversing angry-waved ocean. Boat has rowboat attached which it hauls. American flag flies on side of boat. Foam, spume. Boat moored, woman climbs directly out of boat onto wharf. Intertitle: 'Sea Gull'. 02:02. Pleasure craft. Craft has canvas roof over part of it. Intertitle: 'The Ruins Gardiners Bay.' Woman strolls on walkway along shoreline. Water surface. Pleasure craft. Woman strolls on rocky surface just above the shore. Small wharf. Intertitle: 'Cooking dinner on 'Sea Gull'. Woman wearing bathing suit straightens her hair. She is eating. Cooking utensils near and on stove. She is stirring food with a spatula. She looks up, smiles. 03:04. Leaning over, she stirs another food item. Intertitle: 'Gardner's Island.' Rocky surface, ocean. Intertitle: 'Jessups Point Peconic Bay.' Moving water current. Woman in bathing suit. Rowboat. White, rocky cliffs. Woman hurls small stone. She continues 'skimming' rocks. Standing in rowboat, she grasps oar to begin voyage. Intertitle: 'Father joins the cruise at Greenport.' Silhouette of man aboard boat. Woman stands next to him. Screen intertitle: 'Thanksgiving Day at Amityville, 1927. Jackie, 7- 1-2 Months old.' Infant lying on quilt. He looks up at camera. He gives a quick smile. Infant photographed from another angle. 05:00. Infant on verge of crying. Intertitle: 'He thoroughly disapproves of my camera.' Woman holds infant on her lap. She kisses him. She bounces him on her knee. She talks with him. Gently jiggles him. 06:00. Intertitle: 'Not so bad when lying down.' Infant lying on pillow on bed. He has pacifier. Intertitle: 'Jacob' has more poise.' Cat sitting in chair. He looks up and around. Washes self. Intertitle: 'Hobo' suspects he is missing something.' Black and white dog peers through window. 07:01. He wags his tail. He barks. Screen intertitle: 'Poor 'Jacob'! He has to stand a lot.' Dog follows after kitten. He washes kitten with his tongue. Intertitle: 'Jackie really does not like it.' Infant sitting in highchair. Has solemn expression on his face. 08:02. Woman grasps infant by hand. She holds toy before him. He commences to cry. Woman tries to amuse him with toy. Intertitle: 'Grandfather Maxim and Jackie, Amityville. Thanksgiving Day, 1927.' Distinguished elderly man holds infant in his arms. They are on porch of home. Man says a few words. 09:00. He continues talking. Intertitle: 'Christmas, 1927, at Grandfather Lee's, New York.' Infant, wearing bib, looks up. He begins to cry. Intertitle: 'Jack's Christmas Party, Hartford, 1928.' Woman has infant on lap. He commences to cry. She talks to him. He ceases to cry. 10:01. Infant rubs woman's cheek. He puts his finger in mouth. Older man has infant on his lap. Kneeling down, woman talks to infant. Man laughs. Man talks. Younger man kneels down and talks to infant. 11:02. Woman and man. Shot slightly shadowy. Man if dressed formally with vest, knotted tie. Woman and man talk. Man stands as woman sits. He continues to talk. 12:00. Two women emerge from home. One has small purse. Younger woman, three men now emerge. They are trying to get in place for family photograph. Intertitle: 'At Bill Hill, summer of 1928.' [Lyme, CT] Woman has toddler in her arms. She sets him on ground and ties his shoelaces. She picks him up, places him over her shoulders and gives him 'piggyback' ride. 13:00. She walks across field with toddler on her back. Man pushes lawnmower. Dog is with him. Woman smiles, toddler does so also, enjoying continuing 'Piggybacking'. Woman points outward. Woman sets toddler down. Dog walks by. Toddler walks about. Man crouches down to talk to toddler. 14:06. Man has camera. He takes toddler by hand. Toddler walks on his own. He rejoins man and dog. Man grasps dog by front paws. He crouches down, pats dog. Dog rolls over. Tree in meadow. Man, toddler walk toward parked car. 15:00. CU toddler. Man crouches down, talks to toddler. Picks toddler up in his arms. Toddler with dog crouched behind. The two are near object which looks like an easel or folded table. Toddler sits on ground. Kneeling man talks to toddler. 16:01. Man holds out hand to toddler. Toddler places soil in man's hand. Toddler hugs man who has been sitting on ground. 17:04. Man, toddler and dog walk across field. Man smokes pipe. Intertitle: 'Thanksgiving, 1928, Amityville.' Family assembled on porch. Some descend steps. Man smoking pipe. Woman points to toddler. Man draws woman toward him. Distinguished older man. 18:07. Woman draws another toward her. Older man smokes pipe. Woman places her arm through his. Older couple, younger man. Middle-aged man laughs. Porch, exterior of home. Pans to right. Man carrying umbrella. Bare trees. Home. Man throws ball for dog to catch. Toddler. The three are adjacent to barn. Toddler walks along. (End of Reel 20.)

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