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16mm film; [375 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) 1375.0082-.0084_DVD
DVD; Silent; Color
3) 1375.0082-.0084_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0083-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:15:06
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 83
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 83: 18:00. People walk down gangway. Some board boat. Man waves. Woman smiles while standing at end of gangway. Woman, man descend gangway. Both wave. Group aboard pleasure craft. Craft commences voyage. 19:03. Shadowy shot. These are people in hold, interior of boat. Woman raises paper cup in toast. More interior boat shots of voyagers. Porch of home. Man walks along. He throws cloth item up in the air. People working, man painting. Outdoor. Various tasks being done. Man walks along with wooden items under arm. Lake surface. Trees. Two men loading wooden planks on wheelbarrow. Man wheels lumber forward. Woman wheels infant along in open carriage. Lone large pink flower in glass resting on porch railing. CUs of the same. Man, woman sitting in yard. Man bounces infant on lap. 21:02. Woman at side of porch touches hair. Man with glass scratches inner ear. Woman toys with infant's bootees. People board boat. Man assists woman. Man gestures. Woman removes glasses. Three women in stern of boat. Water surface. Yacht with sails. Railing, posts of dock. 22:04. Lobsters in wooden crates in hold of boat. Fisherman wearing rubber breeches. Lobsters in crates. Flowers, greenery in foreground. Boats, dock. Buildings of shoreline. Two men on porch roof. One is making repairs, working. 23:02. Row of windows just below where men are working. Downward track shot of porch. Washing on clothesline in yard. Pan. of washing. Back to men working on roof. Evergreen trees, birches, lake surface. Man standing on porch roof. He is attaching shutter to window. He tests shutters to make sure they are secure. Pan. of porch area, home exterior. Man continues to make sure shutters are secure. 24:05. He walks along side of roof. Infant on couch. Mother touches on back. Ladies in field. Three women walk along arm-in-arm. Three women walk along. Woman in front wheels infant in open carriage. Older women. 25:09. Little girl, in company with women. Feminine review continues. Woman waves. Shadowy shot of women near grove of trees. Two women shake hands. Woman carefully cradles infant in her arms, carefully cradling its head with her hand. CU infant. 26:08. Shadowy shot. Woman wheels baby carriage. Hood of carriage is raised. She lifts infant from carriage. Gently, she pats his back. She holds him in her arms, near her waist. CU sleepy infant. She pats him. 27:01. Tranquil lake surface. Well-kept trees, buildings of shoreline. Left-tracking pan. of area with variegated trees, shoreline buildings. Woman with blanketed infant in her arms. Other woman, man nearby. Man has netted summer enclosure for infant. Man, smoking cigarette wheels small baby carriage forward. Woman assists toddler in taking a few steps. Man holds toddler in his arms. Woman carries tray forward. This is a picnic, barbecue. Older, obese man points. Ladies. Toddler walks forward, unreeling rope which is attached to his back. Toddler secured to tree with rope. Two women conversing while sitting on steps of home. Man picks toddler up by collar and twirls him around. Older man holds toddler in his arms. Woman in adjacent lawnchair smiles. Man, woman help toddler down steps. Man scoops toddler up in his arms. Man kisses woman. Other family members descend steps. 29:01. Man waves toddler's hand for him in family shot. Family assembled in area where there are evergreen trees, parked cars. Pans. of family. Woman carries infant out of house and holds him in her arms. 30:02. She places him in carriage. She adjusts securing devices at side of carriage. Carriage on porch. Man wheels carriage through door. Two women by garage door. Older woman draws on white gloves. Younger woman wears fur stole. Two men, woman in doorway of home. Man on right dips pipe into tobacco. 31:11. The three talk. Woman stands between the two men for family photo. Exterior homes. Winter. Snow on roofs. Cat on snow-covered porch. High snowbank. Cat moves about, feeling its way through snow. 32:03. Snow-covered roofs. Bare trees photographed through window. Trees, branches bent with snow. Snowbanks up to windows of home. Garage of home. Car backs out. (In snow sequence, color just a bit faded.) Drives away. 33:30. Woman shoveling snow. She pauses. Just a bit tired, disgusted, she shrugs shoulders. Toddler carries item forward. He is followed by older couple. Door of home with vertical Christmas decoration. 34:04. Woman holds yellow-blanketed infant in her arms. Other woman pulls blanket aside to admire infant. Older man cradles infant in his arms. Man in business suit. Dimly-lit shot. Parlor of home. 35:02. Toddler in costume. We are still in parlor. Shadows render much of action indiscernible. Better-lit shot reveals toddler in cowboy hat, pink vest. Woman touches toddler. Family around Christmas tree. Quick vertical shot Christmas tree. Woman wearing pearls, sweater. Toddler, young boy begins tearing wrapping from present.
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