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16mm film; [? ft.]; Sound; b&w and color
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[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 070
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Can Descriptions
Reel 70: Archie Stewart can notes: Silent and sound, 1936 hunting trip to Grand Lake, November
Viewing Notes
Screening notes: Intertitle: ACL logo; iris, wipe to ship; sequence of quick cuts: football game, baby in mother's arms, industrial scenes; mountain view, with title Amateur Cinema League supered. Intertitle: 'Titles by Stewart and Spelling. Rain and Cold.' Rob Golding on lake dock loading luggage in boat. Campsite, VS of log cabin in woods, dog on dock beside boat. Nice shots of boats launching, moving across lake, shore trees in FG. Intertitle: 'Dark Cove.' Silhouette of hunter (Archie Stewart) against sparkling lake. Hunter with rifle walks along snowy shore. Hunters seated beside roaring campfire. Group of hunters walking on snow covered landscape. [Hunters: Warden, Northrop, T.W. Stewart, Rob Golding. Cook: Fred Smallwood. Several good shots of Joe McGrath.] VS of hunters seated near camp fire in woods, eating, smoke curling in FG. CUs of initials cut in tree bark (NG). Intertitle: 'Big Peter McGrath.' CU smiling man in hunter cap. Intertitle: 'Big Shot Northrop.' VS of man lighting tree on fire, flames curling up trunk. LS of men in boat moving away from camera. VS pan of boat moving on lake. VS of hunters eating by leanto with campfire. Intertitle: 'Kow Horned Kitty.' [Howard Kendall] VS of men roasting food over fire. Men launching boat (faded color) [Grandfather Stewart in red coat]. LS of three men riding in boat. Intertitle 'Look at that Big Ceegar.' MS of Northrop with huge cigar jammed in mouth, VS of other hunters. Moving shots POV from boat on water. Boats turned over upon shore. Car dragging dead deer behind car on snowy town road. Intertitle: 'Introducing Rob & Wilbur Day.' [Mary Stewart Hafer: Wilbur Day is probably the dog's name. Wilbur Day the person was a notorious poacher whose autobiography was published by U Maine Folklife Center] VS of hunters walking in field, with dog (dark). Dog unleashed, tracking game by scent. Sound begins, Archie Stewart narration: target practice in wooded setting. George Northrop, McGrath, Mary, Archie take aim and fire rifles. Three men seated beside fireplace cleaning rifles, talk about upcoming hunting trip to Maine. [Archie, George Northrop, Joe McGrath] Northrop holding up long johns underwear, other clothing, describes. Two shots of car at gasoline service stations in Poughkeepsie, NY, and Springfield, MA. Pan down building from sign 'Rockingham' to entry with stone lions on either side of door; Rockingham Hotel in Portsmouth, NH. Men emerge from hotel; walk to car parked in front. Pan down exterior of Kearsarge Hotel; truck. Car at rural Shell gasoline station (Dunstan?); VS of sign, fueling car. POV inside car: approaching Kittery, Maine, bridge. WS exterior of L.L. Bean Hunting Shop, Freeport, ME. Pan down to man climbing out of car. CU on rear tire. Two men exit store laden with packages. MCU men in boat. MS of Howard Kendall. Pans of snow-cloaked trees, cabins. Snow fall. VS of men in white jackets, Stewart says, Ku Klux Klan regalia, taking photographs of snow. Man in apron and cap exits cabin holding griddle and spatula, scrapes clean as snow falls [Fred Smallwood, cook]. VS of Compass Lake [Pocumcus Lake], covered in snow (narration quotes "moonlight on the Wabash," a song lyric--[a punning reference to Wabassus Lake nearby]. Tracks in snow. Deer hanging from peak of roof, covered in snow; man swings carcass to remove snow. MS of cook in doorway. Thermometer on post. Men in snow gear walking down path. Poling boat from shore, POV from boat: moving away from shore; MS of passengers of boat moving across choppy lake. Archie jokes and sings. Three men carrying luggage from rural hotel. Loading car. Tie deer carcass to rear bumper, to drag behind car. Car at rural gasoline station. VS hunters with dog.
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