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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1519.0040-.0045_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 040 (F10)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 40 (F10): [no can/reel notes; dc 1961] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 40. 01:05: Right-tracking pan. of lake surface and shoreline. Cabins with surrounding, overhanging evergreen trees. Young man walks on path. 01:10. Road with side foliage. Truck motors down road. Group of young men are standing in bed of truck. 02:05. Road, side foliage. Young men standing in truck bed. 02:22. Young man wearing boxing gloves sits in wooded area. He moves, spars with hands. He wears white flower on his head. Buddy behind grasps slender rope strung in area. Two young men sitting on ground. Two young men boxing, sparring. Other young men watch from side. Match continues. 03:00. Truck comes down road with inverted canoes tied to top. 03:07. Young man glances up as he is riding in canoe. 03:11. Parked truck with inverted canoes atop it. Two young men begin lifting canoes from top while young man standing in bed of truck pushes canoe forward to side. Two on ground carry canoe away. 03:41. Water surface. Young men in canoes. Young men rowing their canoes. One young man with shirt or towel gathered over his neck. Water surface in motion. Young men continue to row their canoes. Clouds in horizon. Trees, elevation of shoreline. 04:25. Young man points with finger and walks through water. Now he wades. Cupping his mouth with his hand, he calls out to a buddy. Now he stands and takes puffs on a cigar. He smiles and throws something down. 05:01. Right-tracking pan. of evergreen trees in area. Young men are leaning down in field. They are gathering something. Item is potatoes. They throw them down on the ground as they dig them up. Young man pushes foliage aside so that he can obtain a potato. The foliage of the potato patch and the young men leaning over and working there. Blonde boy places item in his mouth. It is a string bean. Nest of string beans in tin tub. Individual string beans being thrown into tub. Young man with full sack over his shoulder walks away. He carries a large tin can. 06:02. Group of young men sitting on ground at station wagon exterior. Man stands against back of station wagon watching. Camera moves right to display adjacent barn and house. 06:18. Young men pedal their bicycles with circular cloth items attached to the fronts. Could be sleeping bags. They pedal along. Gazebo in background. Young man with pack attached to back of his bike pedals past cabins. 06:38. Man climbs over rocky terrain. Quick pan. of rocky area. 06:48. Young men dismount from truck bed. 07:06. Some have luggage. They scale down side of truck. Young man dons his coat. Dog appears. Man in raincoat has accompanied these boys. Dog walks forward with man. Young man throws suitcase out of truck bed. Young man with sport's bag. 07:45. Older man wearing sailor hat, suspenders at cabin window exterior. Young man holds curious wooden object in his face. Carrying wooden stool, older man departs. 08:00. Group of young men gathered at tent exterior. One with hands on his hips. Another grasps top of small rustic fence. 08:10. Sign: 'Monkey House' nailed to tree at exterior of tent. Group of young men standing at opening, outside of tent. Another group of young men at another tent exterior. One wears colorful boxer shorts. Two young men. Two older men sit behind them. Sign at right says: 'Missing Link'. Trees. Cabin exteriors. 08:52. Group of young men swimming. 09:15. Man standing in water gestures with his hands as if instructing young male swimmer. Young swimmer dives of of board attached to wharf. Swimmer struggles with diving goggles. Buddies swim around him. 09:37. One after the other, swimmers dive from board. Copious evergreen trees of shoreline. Young diver does first-rate 'jackknife' dive. Swimmers standing on wharf. One swimmer performs clumsy 'jackknife' dive, lands clumsily in water. 10:24. Continuation of diving, swimming. Man crouches on wharf, white inner tube is attached to wharf post. Hands on hips, man observes boy swimmers. Young man wields both oars as he paddles canoe. 10:45. Young man types as buddy watches from left. Three young man. One rests his chin on palm of hand. 11:01. Young man types while buddy at table writes. 11:09. Young man adjusts paper on mimeograph. Buddy at side turns mimeograph. Process of paper insertion and handle-turning at mimeograph continues. Young mimeograph turner looks up, smiles. 11:39. Young men at outside table. Wooden boxes containing glue or paint tubes are open. Young man carefully threading, tying string around slender appendage. He blows on item. 12:05. He continues to twine string. Another young man manipulates string. Wooden boxes with tubes are open on table. Former young man attaches feathery item to end of appendage. These appear to be home-made fly ties used for fishing bait. Man or boy stands at side with hand in pocket of overalls. Young man, with a little frustration continues to secure feathery item. Open boxes on table. 12:58. Cabin exterior. 13:08. Two young men walk up path leading to cabin. Evergreen trees. Group of tents. Young man walks on path leading to group of tents. He ascends steps leading into tent. Other young men walking in area. Breeze wafts branches of trees. Running young man. Expanse of evergreen trees and tents in area. 14:02. Right-tracking pan. of tents, trees. Ground. Two young men run on path. 14:32. Four young men in opposite canoes. Two stand in bows and fence with long sticks with boxing gloves or similar item attached to ends of the sticks. One thrusts stick between opponent's legs. 15:08. Good-natured sporting continues. One fighter sits unexpectedly down in canoe. Another does same. Rower in stern falls into water. They resume duelling. One boy touches other on shoulder blade. They continue thrusting at each other with extended boxing gloves. One loses balance completely and falls into lake. 15:36. One man in canoe. 15:41. Young man with broom in hand at exterior of cabin. He brushes cabin with broom. 15:48. Cub Scout in canoe. He has twine strung around bobbing or small block of circular wood. Boy in sweater looks up. 16:05. Boy holds aloft fish he has caught. He smiles. 16:12. Group of boys at cabin exterior. Some in group have caught two fish which they proudly hold aloft. Left-tracking pan. of group. Some have not fished, but are just with group. Two put fish into other fishes's mouths in joking manner. 16:42.(This part of reel is in sepia or brown tint.) Man and boy outside. Man trims boy's hair using scissors. Boy wears bib or protective sheet just as barbers use. Another man and boy in same situation. Man applies comb to boy's hair as he snips with scissors. 17:09. Using brush, man powders boy's hair. Same man, but different boy to get his haircut. Boy looks at magazine as man tends to boy's hair. 17:34. (Full-color photography is restored.) Group of boys, man. They join hands forming one fist. Man at side turns crank. They are holding old-fashioned ice cream freezer in place on ground. Man uses stick to pack ice around freezer. Boy removes freezer guard bar. 18:10. Top of freezer removed to reveal ready ice cream. Boys put their fingers in for a sample. Cladder or frame is removed from center of freezer. 18:41. Three boys with fishing rods. Open boxes with tackle, fishing lures. Boy holds tray as boys remove fishing ties. Boy looks at fish hook. 19:05. Boys fish from shoreline. Expanse of fishing pole. Water surface with fishing lines extended therein. Fish struggling in water. Fish flops in water. Fish struggles on end of hook. 19:32. At cabin exterior, boy gathers kindling, small lengths of wood. Silhouette of bell being rung, clapper striking against side of bell. 19:51. Group of young men in pajamas. They are outside. 20:01. Leader before group, they perform jumping jack exercise. They perform squatting-alternating rising exercise. Alternate toe touching. They flex their fingers to limber them up. Group disperses. 21:04. Group gathered on wharf for swim. Some wear but towels. Some wading in water may be nude. Distant shot. 21:08. Crew gathered on deck of pleasure craft. Boat voyaging on water surface. 21:14. Three young men in tent opening. (End of Reel 40.)
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