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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; Color
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3) nhf-2004-10_0003 edit_warn-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
Africa Trip #3, circa 1959--Lillian Edward--home movies. Reel 3
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circa 1959
Can Descriptions
Africa Trip #3
Viewing Notes
Children playing in the surf. Shot of ships in the distance and small boats in the foreground, with a seawall in the middle distance. A single rowboat on the water. Close up of the hull of a boat, named ‘Samson and Delilah.’ Shots of other boats, named ‘Bombay Bazaar’ and ‘Ke Dsi Ona Ono LL-‘ and ‘Jaguar’. A boy pushes a board out into the waves. Fisherman seen in the distance. A boy balances on a board on rocks by the water. Children playing in the waves. People pushing a boat up on shore. A group of men and women dancing down the street. People hauling fishing nets from the beach. A woman walking with toddler. Cut back to the people hauling in fishing nets. Two people casting small fishing nets from shore. A market, with people carrying boards on their heads. Panning shot of a crowd of children. Various shots of the same crowds. Cut to a person carrying a table on their head, then back to panning over the crowd. Various shots of women walking around the marketplace. A different crowd of people. Women walking down a dirt road carrying large jars on their heads. Shot of the sun. Shots of waves. Men pulling in nets at sunset. Women carrying jars down a road. A crowd of young children. Closer shot of a girl, apparently yelling, carrying a baby on her back. Panning shot of a village next to the water. A man in glasses with a marketplace behind him, panning to a group of people starring at the camera. Repeated panning shot of the same crowd. A man with a camera takes a picture of a platter held up by one of the people in the crowd. Two women walking down a road carrying basins on their head. Shot of children playing in the water, seen through the trees. Panning shot of a city road, including a building in the process of being constructed and a Shell gas station. Panning shot of the rooftops, with the ocean in the distance. Shot of the street, including cars, people on bicycles and a Texaco gas station. Signs in the background advertise ‘Desoto’, ‘Hillman Hum- Sunbeam’. Shot of market stalls from above. People on the street, seen from above. Multiple shots following people carrying goods on their head. [End of Reel]
Travel, Amateur films
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