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16mm film; [375']; Silent; Color
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DVD; Silent; Color
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3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
4) nhf-1375_0078-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
March 3 2019 at 19:15:06
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 78
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Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 78: 35:55. Dock. Boat on surface of water. Pan. of area. Gangway. Man approaches area where cars are parked. Toddler follows him. Harbor with its varied watercraft. Trees of shoreline. Boat heavily laden with passengers comes into dock. Group walks past convertible car. Woman removes her glasses. Varied watercraft near to dock. Gangway. Wooden building from which American flag flies. Boat begins excursion. People on gangway, wharf. 36:56. Three sailboats with sails furled. Silhouette of tree leaves, tree trunk on immediate shoreline. Man holds toddler's hand as they walk on beach. Older man standing in water offers his arms to toddler. He lifts toddler aloft in his arms. He places toddler standing in water. Toddler walks back to shore. Toddler walks out to younger man standing in water. He lifts toddler aloft in his arms and places her standing in water. Holding toddler by hands, he swings him back and forth. He grasps toddler by the hand. Together, they walk along shore. 38:00. Man holds toddler under his left arm. He waves. Man carries toddler into water. Holding toddler in his arms, he dabbles toddler's hands into the water to acclimatize him to water. He holds toddler above water as toddler moves arms. Man is attempting to teach toddler swimming motions. Man walks in meadow adjacent to shoreline. Man wheels toddler in open carriage as pickup truck passes by, parks. Woman walks behind man. Woman, her arms full of paper material, magazines walks forward. 39:00. Man loads suitcases into truck bed as older man watches. Older man carries clothes under and over right arm. Dock with poles for boat mooring and gangway. Man wheels toddler down gangway. Man follows carrying luggage. Men get into boat. Still in carriage, toddler is also aboard boat. CU toddler pressing fist to mouth. Toddler in open carriage. Older man approaches, sets luggage down at right of carriage. Man's arms laden with clothing. Younger man arrives, two suitcases, hatbox in hand. Toddler in carriage, luggage at right. Car. 40:05. Toddler walks about in car area. Older man holds toddler in his arms. Steps of home. Luggage on steps. Clothing draped over railing. Woman descends steps. Silhouette of tree leaves. Person is either in tree or behind it. Due to natural shadows, shot hard to fully discern. Man with one foot on small ladder and one foot in tree. Man emerges from garage. He sweeps driveway. 41:05. Exterior of superior bungalow-type home. Car parks at roadside. Man waves as he drives car into driveway. Man and woman emerge from car. Man chopping wood. 42:02. Woman in wooded area. She holds branch briefly aloft. Shoreline of lake. Miscellaneous limbs of trees lie on ground. Scrawny, sparse trees on shoreline. Leftward track of this spare shoreline foliage. Boathouse, storage facility which extends into harbor. Gangway, boathouse. Mooring posts. Cabin cruiser, water surface, trees of opposite shoreline. 43:00. Rightward track shot water surface. Men in woods on immediate shoreline. They are carrying limbs of trees, wood they have hewn. They cast wood down. Water surface. Woman clearing away area in woods with rake. Man approaches. Woman clears away grass by using rake as shovel. 44:00. Using pruning shears, man cuts down bush adjacent to home. He carries small tree he's hewn forward. Man docks boat as woman approaches. Fish on end of line is held aloft. Gangway. Small wooden building on shoreline. Man sits on suitcase on dock. Man secures object from dock floor. Boat commences water excursion. Two men with a woman between them walk in dock area. Quick shot woman playing tennis. Family group gathered on front porch, steps. Older man holds homemade sign which states: 'Eustis Bar and Grill.' Water surface, gangway, wharf area. 45:05. Cords of wood are stacked in this area. Pan. of area with piled wood, boathouse, etc. We move to the right to view stacked wood. Three people in boat. Man uses coat for pillow. Woman sits in stern. Third man. Boat wafts up and down. Case empty bottles in boat. Water surface, sailboat, buildings of shoreline, trees. 46:07. Cranes, boat, storage facilities of shoreline. Track shot area which is well-occupied. Ladies dance on platform. They dance in roof area. Crane moves about. It appears a movie is being made. Boat skims over water. Boats, gangway, wharf area. Rigging, engineering apparatus of boat. Woman, man on wharf. Man on dock. 47:01. Front porch of home. Washing is hung on porch railing. Clothesline is elevated above porch. Older man, clad in shorts, touches laundry to test dryness. He peeks out between two laundered items. Woman descends porch steps. She is smoking cigarette. Luggage is on porch. She carries some luggage under her arms. She flashes backward glance. Foliage, trees occupy foreground as woman walks down path. Man walks down gangway. He carries clothes sheath and suitcase. Another man, carrying luggage descends gangway. 48:00. Man throws item into ocean. 48:08. Tall foliage in bloom with stakes in the midst. Track shot of this flowered foliage. CU of blossoms, buds. Field beyond. More floral footage. Bushes, shrubbery. Variety of flowers contained in vases resting on brick steps. CU pink, scarlet flowers in pitcher on steps. 49:00. Flowers in globe-like container. Back exterior of car. Sticker in back window: 'Washington Jefferson'. Small seal separates the two words. Seal, emblem of Skidmore College in lower right hand corner of back window. Lawn, exterior of bungalow-like home with sloping roof. Car ascends driveway. Parking car opposite another, man emerges from car. Two cars parked side by side, but in opposite directions, front and rear. 50:01. Man, woman at side of garage. Man has white paper in hand. Is explaining something to woman. He hands her small circular object. Looks to be keyring. Older man drives car into garage. Back exterior of car, trunk, license plate. Bushes, shrubbery at end of path. Flowers bloom amidst foliage. Man attends to items in trunk of car. 51:01. Side view of car exterior. Man opens both front and back door of car so that women may enter. Naval marching band on field of academy. Other cadets march as well. One group appears to be wearing white cloaks or long white wigs such as English judges wear. 52:02. Naval marching band march efficiently. Cadets bearing American flag. Entire cadet body assembled on field. Spectators in bleachers. Cadet body standing at 'Attention!'. They doff hats, place back on heads. Group at side marches away. 53:01. Rival football teams enter field. The teams stand on opposite sides of field. Game begins. Dummy attached to balloon floats down to field. Marching band on field.
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