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1) 2177.0034_F16
16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 2177.0034-.0036_BSP
3) 2177.0034-.0039_DVD
[Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 34
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1929 – 1930
Can Descriptions
Box label: 'Family V 29-30.'
Viewing Notes
DVD slate: Reel 34. Family 5. 1929-1930. Baby on grass, mother and small girl interact with baby. ECU baby. Riders. Baby on blanket seated on grass. Little girl running, lifts dress to show leg. Mother with baby on blanket. Stands baby up. Little girl and baby, various views and activities. Children on driveway, LS. Woman leads pony with small boy on it. Woman on horse with half-timber house in background. Horse on longe line in tall grass. Boy and girl on tricycle; father joins them going down hill. Children tumble. Dog. Horse in field, chewing. More horses with building in background. Father and child playing in water. Two children on horse. Mechanical toy on table, Airedale stops it. Horses, various views with riders (some dark). Dog harasses horses. Small log cabin exterior. Woman with newborn baby. Boy holds baby. Kisses its head. Winter: pan of landscape. Horses with riders enter frame, come toward camera. Little girl on pillows. Baby on rug kicks its legs and wails. Comes to rabbit toy. Screams. Little girl and baby interact. Man in suit holds baby. Four children and man with cigarette on sofa. Smiling woman in smocked top with baby. Landscape panorama, ice on trees.

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