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1) 1801.0003_F16
16mm film; [700 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1801.0003_VHS
3) 1801.0003_BSP
[Goodall Mills--home movies]
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1937, 1939
Can Descriptions
Date range from edge codes on film. // With some red and Kodachrome tints. // Was originally on 2 reels (numbered 8-9 by NHF). // Can for reel 1: 'Wells / Sanford Mills Picnic, 1937'. Note in can: 'Sanford Mills Picnic, 1937, July 31, Nells [?] Beach'. Can for reel 2: Mills Picnic Trans [?] 1939 / Kona / Snow at Farm'. Note in can: 'Kona, Hawaii / Mill Picnic Trains - Ed Hussey, Sam Mitchell - 1939 spot - Al Rohaut's Dog - Cape Porpoise - Tommy Skating - Snow at North Shapleigh Farm (houses) - Transferring - Ship to Shore - Guatemala Library'
Viewing Notes
Reel 8 Goodall Mills company picnic: women prepare sandwiches in large room, waxed paper bags. children in trucks, York Utilities Company bus. Men in a line looking at camera At the beach, tent, pony, people in range of attire. boys in sailor hats. man with soda bottles foot races on the beach girls having their picture taken boys in a somersaulting race; man with a megaphone girls somersault children face camera men in white shirts have tags (organizers); they wear hats. sack race, boys then girls. man runs alongside with his tie flapping portrait of young men in swimsuits, they wear sailor hats and many have sunglasses views of beach. girl walks bicycle. people get their picnics from truck . woman in flowered blouse hands out paper bags. two men in suits on beach. one portly man with motion picture camera. marching band walks along beach including tubas. children with balloons. women with paper parasols (nice) young women stop, backs to water, pose for camera pan as they stand with parasols (a few boys at end) bicycle race on beach two men in suits wrestle children in waves man with pipe , boy dances crowd elderly man with bicycle in pith helmet with another man (nice) women in flowered dresses talk with man in pith helmet bandleader with his band, seated, on the beach young man with cameras stands with family young women in flowered and geometric print dresses foot race young women in interesting round sunglasses scrum of boys in sand people walk on beach baby girl in dress Reel 9 Hawaii? faded color York Utilities Company bus, people get off bus. Elderly couples in garden snowy views of New England town. civic building people shovel. women in top of snowbank near a barn. man in foreground with a Cine Kodak, films people climbing up snowbank Car making its way through snow. another car slid off road, man shoveling. dogs. sign, private property keep out farm house, pan of landscape then camera movement. row of birch trees. pump in foreground child skates on small pond or rink outside, dog on ice garden fence and arbor in background, woman on ice, not wearing skates

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