5 Copies of This Film
1) 2233.0005_F16
16mm film; [275 ft.]; Silent; Color
2) nhf-2233_0005.mov
3) 2233.0002-.0005_DVD
DVD; [42 min.]; Silent; Color
4) 2233.0001-.0005_BSP
BetaCamSP; [53 min.]; Silent; Color
5) nhf-2233_0005-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Rebecca Freethey Viall--home movies] Reel 5
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Can Descriptions
Maine 1951
Viewing Notes
Sunrise. Two men and a toddler piling brush on the beach. A man lights the bonfire. A child cooking hotdogs on a campfire. A boy plays a trumpet as an American flag is raised. A group of people outside a store. A band seated in the back of a truck. A parade of cars, bicycles, people on horseback and people on foot. People watching the parade. A foot race. A man and a boy seated on a bench. A tug-of-war competition and other games. A three-legged race. A sack race. Children in a foot race. Winners are given money. A man with a bullhorn. Trees and ferns. People building a structure in the woods. A toddler on a swing. A man in a rowboat. A dog. People eating outside a cabin. A boy and a toddler holding two small sharks. A toddler in a garden. The toddler in an inflatable pool. Children in a swimming pool. Children playing outdoors. Children jumping off a diving board into a pool. A boy in a rowboat, near a toddler playing in the water. Children seated on a woodpile. People on the shore. Sailboats. A sign post: ‘SCHOODIC HEAD RD, SPEED LIMIT 25 M.P.H, SUMMIT’. A picnic on a hill. Children playing ball. People in a rowboat. A toddler holds up a fish. [End of Reel]
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