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1) 1521.0005_VHS
2) 1521.0005_IN3/4
3) 1521.0005_F16
16mm film; 350 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0005-.0009_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0005-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 5
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N5 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 5: Intertitle: 'Reel No. 6 [NHF Reel 5] 1925 European Trip Continued. 01:16. Easter, and we go down to the Waddington's at Dreux, Normandy to spend the week end.' Two women, mustached elderly man walk along path. Intertitle: 'M. Waddington, Mlle. Waddington and Mrs. Maxim.' Elderly woman, woman in 30's, and bearded, distinguished older man. Woman has hands in sweater pocket. Older man smokes cigarette. Same trio in another location. Dog stands near older woman. Another canine joins this one. Starkly-branched tree limbs. Tower or utility supports. Elderly man and woman, 30ish woman, and dog stand in center of brick gate. Intertitle: 'A beautiful old French country estate.' Exterior of French mansion. Tall, narrow windows with fine curtains appended inside. Minimal vines ascend facade. Right tracking pan. of impressive dwelling with its long exterior shutters. 03:04. Extended pan. Large mansion. Dog emerges from doorway as elderly man watches. Dog wags tail, expecting treat from gent. Two elderly women talk while man smokes at side. Ladies walk along. CU dog stretched on ground. Dog is Alsatian. Women have clusters of flowers wrapped in paper. Elderly woman watches from side. Elderly men and two women. Younger woman strikes pose like a statue. 04:00. The four move forward. The four stand about talking. Woman points at other woman who laughs. Intertitle: 'M. Cartaux and Rev. M. Thomas Join us for dinner.' Woman places wicker chair in doorway of home. Two men adjacent. One is smoking. Other woman pulls chair back into house. Two men emerge. Woman behind makes jumping motion. Third man emerges from house. 05:08. He returns to doorway. Stands beside woman. Gent at left summons dog by patting pants leg. Two of the men smoke as woman gestures. Older woman laughs. Intertitles: 'A lovely Sunday morning in spring in the Tuileries Gardens.' Woman walking in city square. Arc De Triomphe, classical statuary adjacent. Statues, well-manicured bushes in area. Other people now walk in square. Two men carrying briefcases. People sitting on benches. Children. Statuary. 06:05. People walking about, statuary, trees looming at side. Pool. Toddler operates kiddiecar. People sit in chairs at side of square. Man with cane. Two toddlers walk along holding hands. Screen intertitle: 'Strangers comparing babies.' 07:00. Two men, toddler, woman. Baby carriage at right. Girl on tricycle. Girl wheeling doll carriage. Nurse or nanny walks behind. Four men, other people in square. Intertitle: 'Sailing toy boats. A regular Sunday morning programme.' Square with fountain, statuary. Toy sailboats of varied sizes float on pool. 08:04. Boy with long stick. Rear view of people walking in square. Street lamps. Extended vertical monument may be famed 'Cleopatra's Needle' originally imported from Egypt. Intertitle: Champs Elysee at Place De La Concorde.' Varied vehicles motor about street. Statuary in square. Intertitle: 'Then we had a strenuous week organizing the international amateur radio union. Now for a flying visit to London to attend a radio banquet given in our honor. Good Bye, Paris. The Gare Du Nord and the train for London.' People gathered at exterior of train. Shot a bit grainy, indistinct. Intertitle: 'Calais. Going aboard the channel steamer.' 09:07. Crowd gathered. Man has trunk extended from shoulder. Woman has suitcase. Man gives coins to other man. Man carrying rack. Elderly woman, middle-aged man sitting in wooden chairs. Man points outward. Man smoking cigarette. People talking. 10:01. Intertitle: 'Note the way they pack us in on these cross channel steamers. Pushing out into the roughest crossing I ever made.' Sea swelling with moderate waves. Protective landing fence. Rigging, cables in bow of ship. 11:02. Ocean surface. Intertitle: 'Blowing great guns-spray all over everything-- Almost impossible to hold the camera.' Pan. ocean surface. Side of ship as it drifts on ocean. Waves swelling, slowly increasing. Intertitle: 'No more pictures until London. London. My nephew, Maxim Joubert and Mrs. Maxim.' 30ish appearing man talking to older woman. They are in billboard-poster area. 12:00. Man talks as woman listens. They walk across street. Other pedestrians in street. White-clad painters stand on scaffolding at front of large building which may be hotel. Horse-drawn wagon, cars on street. Quartet. 30ish man, older woman, two middle-aged men. Two men at right, woman talk. Intertitle: 'Croyden, the great airdrome. We are shown the wonderful radio control.' Billboard sign: 'Croydon Aerodrome...'. Group people outside building. Wheeled luggage rack. People with assorted luggage. Overhead shot of area. Cloth 'Cunard' signs. 13:23. Luggage-laden man carries luggage up ramp. 'Cunard' ocean liner voyaging on ocean surface, black smoke emanating from its four chimneys. Rear shot. Only ocean surface and chimney smoke visible. Rigging of the ocean liner, lifeboats attached, etc. Inner tube attached to railing of ship. It states: 'Mauretania. Liverpool'. 14:00. Man walks on deck in semicomic fashion. He appears to be bucking the wind current. Passengers on deck, standing by rail. Men sitting on long wooden platform on deck. Ladies play shuffleboard, using brooms. Men, woman playing ringtoss. Woman swings golf iron. City street. Assorted vehicles, streetcars, cars. 15:01. Woman pedestrians. Open-air bus. Passengers standing. Display of illuminated lights. Two women, man by shrubbery. Two dogs also present. Each woman holds treat in hand for dog. The three at home exterior. Home has long exterior shutters and elegant, neat curtains within. Dogs lie on lawn. Intertitle: 'M. Waddington's den. The date over the door is 1164.' Domed, vine-covered building. City street. Man on bicycle. Cars. 16:07. Varied traffic continues. May be Paris. Intertitle: 'The Crillon, Place De La Concorde.' Marble-columned, arched entrances long structured building of superior classical architecture. Assorted vehicles motor down street. Aeroplane of the 1920s. Wooden slats secured to roofed platform compose wings. Passengers enter. Plane turns on runway. Group of women, man smoking cigarette. Large blackbird or crow of tame disposition at top of bench. Stone buildings of castle-like aspect. People along street which divides buildings. 17:00. Bus. Lorry. Cars. Passengers in open air top bus. (End of Reel 5.) 5. 'European Trip 1925. 2nd reel.'
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