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16mm film; 2400 ft. (2 reels); Sound; Color
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A Window on American Education
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Can Descriptions
Film is amateur documentary on Wilson Jr. High School (now Wilson Middle School) in Natick, Massachusetts. Film was produced by the late Ralph G. Giuliani 'an Italian who lived and worked in Scotland as a teacher in Aberdeen. He was heavily involved with many of the local youth organisations such as the scouts, puppet players, social and activity clubs, cine society, and the children's theatre. Some of the collection are films he shot while visiting the USA' (Kay Foubister). Reel 1 is completed documentary. Reel 2 is incomplete, though related, with scenes of school health and sports. Shotlist for reel 1 (from Scottish Screen): An R G Production. (.06) Produced for the Natick School System, Alfred Maffeo, Superintendent. (.13) A Window on American Education. (.27) A Film by Ralph Giuliani.(.35) Gv of traffic. (1.01) Ext. of Henry Wilson Junior High with pupils walking in the grounds, arriving at school on foot, by bicycle, by bus or car. (2.29) C/u of two girls folding the American Flag. (3.06) Two girls comparing note books. (3.18) Pupils arriving by bus and car. Pupils assembled outside the school for the raising of the American Flag. (4.42) Children and teachers cleaning and bringing out audio/ visual equipment. (4.56) Tractor cutting the grass, man fixing a piece of machinery. (5.11) C/u of the various men and women who administrate at the school. They are seen using modern equipment. (5.46) Gv of the school nurses dealing with a boy and girl. The boy has a cut lip. (6.13) Gv of the school guidance staff. Guidance teacher speaking with a girl. (6.59) Two girls opening their lockers. (7.20) Boy drinking from a water fountain. (7.25) Children at their lockers. (7.44) C/u of a poster with the Pledge to the American flag. (7.57) C/u of a class saying the Pledge. (8.44) Pupil looking at the language lab poster board with filled with pictures of France. (8.59) Gv's of pupils using audio / visual equipment during their lessons. Pupils using the language lab for French and Spanish, records and microphones are used in English, along with various machines to improve reading and spelling skills. (14.03) Children browsing in the school library and book store. (16.02) Woman teaching mathematics using an overhead projector. (17.01) Gv's of the pupils building their projects for the Science Fair. Some are demonstrating the harmful effects of tobacco, others are showing the composition of water. Gv of the pupils painting and presenting their various models. Pupils sitting using a microscope. (20.58) Pupils learning and handling many different animals belonging to the school, from snails to rabbits and birds. (22.33) Girl using a wet saw to take a slice of a rock for viewing under a microscope. (23.08) Pupils preparing various slides for viewing under a microscope. (23.57) Gv's of a kindergarten class making things out of straws, pens , and paper. The class make different things for the Nativity. (25.40) Pupils in the High School in art class. Their work is displayed in the halls for all to see. Gv's of the pupils painting, modelling with clay, and making mosaics. (31.10) Gv's of music classes, and how music is used in other subjects such as English. (34.16) Boys learning how to screen print, and use and set up a printing press. (36.40) Boys learning metal and wood work skills. (38.19) Girls learning to hand stitch, use a sewing machine, and how to iron clothes. (39.26) Girls learning how to bake. (40.37) Boys outside the school learning how to use surveying equipment. (40.59) Boys building a small covered wagon and pull a girl sitting in it along. (41.23) Gv's of the different models the pupils have made to illustrate various History projects. (44.06) Pupils in the camera club. (44.30) Pupils eating home baking. (45.20) Display of dresses made by the pupils. (46.04) Teacher conducting a choir. Pupils gathered around a piano singing. (47.11) The pupils are dressed in their costumes for a performance of HMS Pinafore, other pupils dress the stage. (48.03) Rehearsals for the performance. (49.01) Pupils tending to the school gardens. (49.36) Gv's of the senior graduation ceremony. (50.55) Gv's of the pupils arriving at the school and the American flag being lowered. (51.29) Narration by Ted Nowak. (51.34) Without the willing help of the staff and Students of Wilson Junior High School this film could never have been made.(51.43) The End. (51.55)
Education, Schools, Students
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