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16mm film; 285 ft.; Sound; b&w
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DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1108_0058 24fps HD Reel 58 FULL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--purchased film] Reel 058
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Viewing Notes
Reel 58: Archie Stewart can notes: Sound. The Hindenburg disaster. Pathe newsreel 1937. Screening notes: Music, Intertitle' 'The Airship Hindenburg. A Pathegrams Release edited by Eugene W. Castle. Copyright 1937 for US and Canada.' Narration: 'At last the great Hindenburg was finished...' VS of blimp, workmen on scaffolding, checking parts. SOUND: Dr Eckener-- 'hope I will be able in about 6 or 7 weeks to take over the new airship to the USA. To demonstrate the feasibility of a regular airship service over the Atlantic. I will be very happy to greet them again my numerous old friends in the US.' Wide shot of blimp, draped in Nazi flags. People walking below dwarfed by size. Intertitle: 'May 9th, 1936 All the World Acclaims the Hindenburg!' Band music. WS people marching below airship, slowly rising. Narration: 'She leaved Friedrichschafen the pride and hope of all and turns to the West.' VS of smiling spectators, blimp in flight. Ambient sound of engines. Nice shots of blimp over harbor as crowd in FG waves, blimp over city. 'Passing over cities on her way to the open Atlantic and the America. The ocean far below, and on it sail the ships that wish her well as she speeds past. Of all the man-made birds that fly, this was the greatest.' VS of blimp over water. 'An ambassador from continent to continent, crossing and re-crossing with movement of majestic dignity.' Aerials: shadow of blimp crossing over city, from plane above blimp. 'On May 9th she arrived with the dawn over New York City, a magnificent spectacle flashing in the light of the rising sun to win the blue ribbon of the air in record time...' Nice aerials of blimp over NYC, passing skyscrapers, over Central Park, Empire State Building. 'Over the landing field in the early morning and on the ground hundreds watched as the crew prepared to make her fast. Landing lines fall, the ballast pours out. Look out below there.' VS of blimp slowing landing, people watching, crew tending airship, guiding to mooring mast, docking process. Passengers watching out of windows of gondola. Stairs rolled over, people disembark. Captain and creator watch out of windows of pilot house. Aerial moving shot of Hindenburg on ground, in hangar. 'So ended the maiden voyage in May 1936.' Intertitle: 'Comparative Size of the Hindenburg.' Drawing of Empire State Building 1040 feet. Comparative length of Hindenburg 808 feet. WS of Hindenburg over ocean, boats below, on first trip to South America. Flying over city, mountains in background, landing in field. Shot from inside hangar of blimp being moved inside. Intertitle: 'May 6th 1937. The giant mistress of the skies arrives in New York City.' VS of blimp passing buildings, aerials over New York, Hudson River, New Jersey airfield. Intertitle: 'Suddenly - the fatal moment!' Sparks and smoke spew from hole in side of blimp. Frame quickly engulfed in flames as it settles to ground. People in FG outlined against flaming hull. Frame quickly collapses, steel twisted, black smoke. People race towards. Narration: 'It was but 32 seconds from the first flash to the end... but this catastrophe will not dim the vision nor stop the work of the undaunted pioneers. For with improved methods and man's courage, there is now building and will be built greater ships to safely ride the airwaves of tomorrow... Man's dominant will moves on.'
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