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1) 1375.0000C_F16
16mm film; [450 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1375.000A-.000C_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; Color
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel C
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Viewing Notes
Intertitles in quotations. // C. Jersey horses invade Boston and [Weequalric]. // Screen intertitles: 'Jersey Horses Invade Boston. Two-score thoroughbreds are shipped to Boston to compete with New England's best.' Blanketed horse led up ramp into train car. 'Dixie Lassie didn't want to go to Boston-her trainer said go! Dixie went.' Man pushes horse forcefully onto ramp and leads it into train car while others watch. 'The meet at Boston attracted entries from America's leading amateur driving clubs-- Hollyrood Mac romps home, an easy winner in 2.15 League Competition.' Spectators in grandstand watch horse race on track. 'J. Roth's Guy Henry' with Wade up, sensationally noses out 'The Ripples' in 2.12 trot.' Footage of horses and jockeys racing shot with point of view of binoculars. 'In the Free for All trot, the Jersey entries, Temple Harvester and Duet, come in one-two, a nose separating the winning pair.' Race footage. 'Johnny Lawrence, owner and driver of Temple Harvester gets solid gold cup for well earned victory.' Jockey on horse at side of track while spectators stand behind fence. Lady holds trophy cup and smiles. Man in background climbs through fence. 'Newbrook's 'Stateline' is also a cup winner.' 'The feature race of the meet- 'The Free for All Pace'- three of America's fastest pacers--Pax Volo, Peter Etawah, the Imperial entry and Henry of Navarre, score ....'. Jockeys on horses racing down track. 'At the three quarters Henry of Navarre sets a terrific pace- Peter Etwah gamely holds on-the big roan wins by inches.' Horses racing neck-in-neck. '2nd heat Peter Etawah gets off to a flying start--.' '3rd heat Henry of Navarre stumbles at the three quarter-in a driving finish Pax Volo just noses out Peter Etawah.' Slow motion race footage. 'George T. James, owner of the Imperial Stables, presents the much coveted Gold Cup Trophy to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilson, driver and owner of Pax Volo, the winner of the race.' Jockey sitting in sulky shakes hand with man. 'The Seige is successful-the horses receive their reward-'Sugar.' Horse standing at stable door is fed sugar cube by lady. Lady throws sugar cube in horse's mouth. 'Speedy Trotting Races Thrill Jersey Throngs! Weequahic Park.' 'Spirited, excited racing!- Somebody, owned by W.H. Strang, Jr. of Newark, captures the 2.14 pace in 2:10 1-4 ...' Race footage. Horses run by American flag at side of grandstand. 'Things looked black for Jersey horses on the first day when Wiliam J. McDonald's Bee Worthy set a world's record over the mile course.' Car passes by on highway. Pov. ride as we follow one jockey, horse as they race down track. 'Here goes Bee Worthy in the Free-for-All trot speeding to the new record of 2.08 3-4!' Jockey in sulky races horse and gathers speed as he rounds grandstand draped with American flags. 'A pretty race! Harry Hobson, owned and driven by C.H. Traiser of Boston,wins sensational 2.30 trot.' Spectators in grandstand adorned with American flags. 'Watch Harry Hobson forge ahead of Dillion Range to win!' Shot of full grandstand. 'What! What's this! Cart before the horse-well, well, I do declare!' Amusing footage of jockey racing horse down track backwards. Sulky is attached to reins around front of horse's head and sulky, jockey face steed rather than being behind. Horse reverses his position in middle of track. Jockey tips hat as usual-order jockey astride sulky goes by. 'Colorado Brooke, owned by J. Bruce Hay of Newark, thunders home the winner in the 2.12-watch the speed.' Non-racing man rides his horse-drawn sulky slowly on track. Riderless horses run at side of track. 'Another sensational race in the 2.20 pace. See Brown Signal(owned by George T. James of Newark) win the first heat for Sterling Silver Trophy donated by Stanley Fabian Corporation.' 'Pretty going!' 'But Cora Belleville, owned by James Del Guercio of Newark, captures the final race in the Stanley Fabian Trophy pace!- watch her speed!' 'A sensible horse! - Dolly May, world's champion guideless trotter does a sensational mile-without driver or cart-in 2.13 1-4.' Riderless horse races at side of track. 'How beautifully Dolly runs!' Dolly,wearing harness only, runs on track while jockey astride sulky follows. 'The End.'
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