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16mm film; 394 ft.; Sound; Color
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 052
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Can Descriptions
Reel 52: [Archie Stewart can notes: Sound, June 20-26, 1936. Rotary Club at Atlantic City.]
Viewing Notes
SOUND Screening notes: Archie narration throughout. WS of colonnaded building with flag bunting draped from balconies. Pedestrians walking on boardwalk. WS of emblem of Rotary Club with flags. Men standing on sidewalk smoking and talking. MCU on convention badge pinned to suit lapel. Man with cigar in white suit and hat (Glen Falls on brim), CU on Alf Landon for President button on lapel. WS on conventioneers, man in cowboy outfit filming with movie camera. Man and woman in western garb photographed by others. MCU of man taking picture with Kodak box camera. WS of people on boardwalk, convention hall; CUs of sand artists pictures: Doctor checking young girl's doll with stethoscope; family at dinner table [after Norman Rockwell painting]; lion sleeping on sword and shield [after Lion of Lucerne?]; old sailor telling story to boy seated at feet. Mr & Mrs. William King of Cambridge, England, pose for camera on boardwalk. VS of people in surf on beach. Family picnic in sand. Large sailboat. (Sun iris burns out center of most shots.) WSs of various hotel exteriors. WS of store marquee 'Eastman Kodak Stores.' Display window with cameras on turning carousel. WS pan of beach (NG, sun flare.) WS of woman walking at edge of tide, waves crash in BG. WS of people on boardwalk (faded color), Chevrolet billboard in BG. Street lamp with flags, lamp globe has Rotary symbol. WS of buildings. Music, waltz starts and continues through subsequent scenes. Archie and two daughters standing on beach. Mary and girls digging in sand, jumping in waves. WS of beach and hotels. More bathers (solar flare); lounge chairs; bath house. Group walking under arbor in garden. VS of flowers (faded color, music). Back yard of Roy and Saide Curtis' home on West Street, Newburgh, NY. Ann takes drink from hole in bucket. Girl lifts little sister to look inside large planter. Women weeding?
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