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1) 1488.0017_F16
16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent
2) 1488.0017_VHS
3) 1488.0017_IN3/4
[Charles S. Clark--home movies] Reel 17
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Can Descriptions
Can/reel notes as follows. Reel numbers are NHF-assigned. 17. '(Moosehead, June 2,1940, Milt, Tom Taylor, Dad.) (Moosehead 1941, Charlie Guild and I. Boyd Kelly and cooking of pigs at Meadowbrook.) (Trick golfer at Penobscot Valley, Ozzie and fish.) (Mother Rawley, Mother, Dad, Leon and Ethel, Sandra and Polly, Reg, Pauline at Schoodic Point, Aug 1955.) (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 17: 35:22. Men launching rowboat into water by inverting it off of pier. Men on pier. Two men in rowboat. Three men in pier area. One points outward. Pan. of lake surface, mountain sides, sky. (This reel is tinted.) Sky, mountain sides. 36:02. Man asleep in rowboat. He wakes suddenly, grasps his hat. Surface lake, camps, wooden buildings near shoreline. Three men in rowboat. One with oar. Boat veers around. One man waves. Rowboat is docked at pier. One man stands. Men at pier. Moored rowboats. 37:04. Men on ramp, pier. Man has camera. Man talking to his buddy. He gestures in explanatory way. Another man is also sitting on the pier. Two men talking on pier. One smokes cigarette. He lights up, throws match away. 38:01. Men standing, leaning on ramp, pier. Man walks forward carrying his fish catch on two sticks. He wafts his catch about proudly. Four men sitting on front stoop of camp. Woman stands at side of doorway. Surface of lake. Slight waves, mountain sides, shoreline trees. Lake surface which mirrors pink sunset, sky, shoreline. 39:05. Sky, silhouette of shoreline trees. Right track pan. of the aforescribed. Sky, lake surface. All dark with just a slash of pink on the horizon. Blazing, pink sunset against dark horizon. Exceptional scenery, good photography. 40:00. Left-tracking pan. of sunset. Mountain side jutting out into lake. Island-like aspect. It is day. Two men in rowboat which is in motion. One enjoys snack. Snacker clowns by pulling hat down over face. Snacker drinks from bottle. Well-foliaged mountain side thrusting into lake, island-like. Cabins, homes, buildings on shoreline. 41:02. Pan. of shoreline structures. Little boy in yard. Wash on clothesline. He walks down path to young man. Young man picks up little boy in arms. Little boy hugs young man. Little boy runs back down path and sits on wooden platform encircling pump. He walks about and stands near wash. 42:02. Woman stands at right. Boy walks forward, sticks finger in mouth. Dark shot. Appears to be man in woods. Game, meat of some kind turned on spit such as appears at barbecues. Woman is turning this device. Man playing golf while audience watches from green behind him. 43:05. He swings iron as audience looks on. 44:09. Man has donned hat. Slow-motion shot of man as he approaches ball with iron in gesture of caution. He twists, writhes, while turning iron. Spectators applaud. Man on pier ramp holds fish aloft. 45:04. He reaches down into box and removes another fish. Surface of lake with bird flying across, just touching lake. Lake surface with bird skimming it. Two men in motorboat. Two men near grove of trees. One smokes pipe. Third man joins the two. He does little dance step. Shot of the three. Cars in yard. Woman walks down road past car parked at side. 46:05. She points backward. Woman walks forward. She is now at side of a car. Two women join her. Woman helps another don coat. Woman in coat talks. Road, foliage, mountain in distance. 47:06. Two women walking in flowered area of meadow near woods. Each woman has container. Ladies appear to be gathering berries. Shot two women. They wear kerchiefs. Woman walking down road. Side by side, two men walk down road. Lone man walks down road. 48:02. Three women at shore of ocean. Another person stands on rock jutting out into water. Waves of ocean slap foamily against shoreline rocks. This could be Bar Harbor. Woman with each arm around girl. Ocean, mountain sides in immediate distance. Woman, man walk on shoreline rocks. A number of people are doing the same. Group looks out as they stand on shoreline near ocean. Ocean waves dashing picturesquely against rocks. 49:01. Group standing on rocks. Group walks backward as waves wash over shoreline rocks. Ocean rivulets, foam cascading over rocks at shoreline. Group looking out over ocean. Man, woman standing on rocks. Group backs away as waves dominate shoreline rocks. Man, woman climb over rocks. Large boulders, huge stones along shore. 50:01. Woman in group skips along. Two women walking on road. This could be Mt. Cadillac. Ladies walk arm-in-arm.
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