3 Copies of This Film
1) 1579.0002_F35
35mm film; [600 ft.]; Silent; b&w
2) 1579.0001.01-.0003.01_DVD
-; DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
-; BetaCamSP; x; Silent
[Cary Maple Sugar Company—outtakes] Reel 2
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[Notes paraphrased from M.M. Thomas Film History] Boy driving team of oxen in sugarbush. Oxen pull gathering sled along two track road with another little boy riding on back of sled with tank of sap. Penobscot Native John Lewey and son Roy in front of log cabin and kettle of boiling sap, tapping maple tree and placing wood sap collection trough underneath. Lewey and son using wooden sap gathering pails to gather sap from hollowed split log troughs. George Cary and other men and boys driving three teams of oxen pulling sleds with gathering tanks up hillside and collecting sap from metal pails on trees. Scene includes Albert Leland using shoulder yoke to gather sap. Man in sugarbush takes drink of sap from collection pail hanging from a tree. Snowy sugarbush, George Cary in front driving teams of oxen down hill from gathering sap. Long, panning view of sugarbush and metal collection pails hanging on taps in trees. Split log sap collection troughs full of sap. Driving oxen up slope in sugarbush with men and boys collecting sap from trees and pouring into gathering tanks. Includes Leland using pails on yoke to collect sap. Man in sugarbush shows the process of installing metal sap gathering tubing system. Lewey stirring sap in boiling kettle and smoking pipe. Footage of family skiing on open field and down small slope.
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