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1) 5267-08-SPRO-88_VHS
2) 5267-08-SPRO-88_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; approx. 20 min.; Sound; Color
[Seapro project] Tape 8
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Can Descriptions
NHF viewing notes: Dated 10-07-1988. Boiler, seafood waste truck, fish oil storage tanks. 'No Fishing Allowed' sign. North End shipyard. 'Mercantile' boat. Fish meal coming out of dryer. Sam Carchide testing fish meal for dryness. Mark Carlson loading meal boxes, interview of assistant foreman boss Charles Fullerton. Log notes from Bob McIntire as follows: Boiler for heating steam. Feed water canisters for boiler. Engineered Utilities label for boiler. Seafood waster truck at Stinson. Gull sound. Fish oil storage tanks beside plant pull back. Piping from oil filter building to oil tanks. Zoom to fish holding tanks 240 ton each. Seapro Incorporated sign. 'No Fishing Allowed' sign. North End Shipyard sign. Pull back to building. Mercantile (ship) bow pull back to North End Shipyard. Dryer being opened, fish meal coming out and into auger. Sam Carchide takes a sample of the fish meal for later testing. Worker adjusts the opening on the dryer. Worker shuts off flow to the dryer with slide. Worker walks down ladder and checks on other dryers. Worker tests the fish meal for dryness. ECU of meal in hand. Worker adjusts the door opening controlling flow of meal. Mark Carlson, Warehouse worker, loads boxes of meal from conveyor, each box holds about 1600 lb. Weight moves on hopper control and meal falls into box. Wide shot as worker levels out the meal. Worker lifts box with fork lift and sets near warehouse for pickup then moves new box in place. ECU of hand making note about load. ECU hand pulling trip lever. ECU fish meal falls in hopper. Interview Charles Fullerton, Rockland, Me. 35 year worker, assistant foreman boss here for 15 years, gave it up.
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