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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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[Edward M. Graham, Sr.--home movies] Reel 28
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1932 – 1940
Viewing Notes
Men walking through woods with paddles and packs. Man in water standing in canoe. Women in hat and scarf on shore sharing drinks and jokes with men. CU of man smiling and smoking a cigarrette. Group in front of camp milling around. One man takes photographs. View of dock where commuter type power boat is unloading passengers and gear. CU of older man in bowler hat buttoning the top button of his shirt and grinning at the camera. View of camps and white birch stand from the water. CU of man driving the boat with the camera in it. More shots from the water of scenery and other boats with people fishing. (27:24). Back to view of fishing from boats in choppy water in front of large dam. CU and discussion with man in glasses sitting in front of cabin holding fishing pole. Shows us CU view of tackle box laden with flies. Many men unloading from cars and smiling for camera. Long pan showing these men walking down the beautiful boulder, ledge covered hillside to the shore. Next to where fishing is happening. Great wide shots of across the river to the town and of the boats and CU of the dam. Men milling around cars. One climbs in a trunk and pulls out a fishing pole. There is a camp fire close by and many camping supplies spread on the ground. A man is bent over peeling a piece of food. Two men stand and discuss the fishing pole not giving the camera any notice. A man lugs a pot and towel up path from the river. Long view of distant mountain and tree lined woods and river in foreground. A man smoking a cigarette stands on edge of water and fills two metal pails. More shots of men around camp and dock. Men are preparing and heading out in canoes for fishing. Nice shot of motorized canoes riding past main house. Cabins. Barns. Boathouses. CU of man paddling a canoe. One man manning the outboard of another. Shot of water cascading down a ledge next to dam. This time camera view is from the same shore the dam buildings are on. Water rushing over the dam. Back at camp. Man holding overcoat grinning at camera. Silhouette of man leaning on a paddle in the middle of a boathouse on the edge of river. The house has open doors so you see straight through. A large house with boat track to boathouse. Probably a year round residence. Men rowing skiffs and paddling canoes on choppy river. CU of man rowing. Seems uncomfortable with camera. Motorboat speeds by. Men unloading a large car shot of small white house in an open snowy field with one tree in front. Apple? Ice fishing. Two men preparing ice lines. Car drives across ice toward them and then off to a cabin at edge of lake where men are standing around and very aware of camera. Dead fish lined up on the ice. Man sees that his line is taken and runs to the hole and pulls up a big fish. Good shots of ice chipping tools and other equipment. Another man's flag goes up and he pulls up a small fish. Man tries to work on his line but other men fool around. Steal his hat. Man puts a live lobster on the ice and waves his hands around like a magician and lobster tips over. (34:50). Group of men look over days catch laying on the ice. Two men stand on shore looking. Unearthed culverts. Season Change. A man splits wood with a maul on the shore while another watches. Canoe approaches. Man cleans fish over water. A woman adjusts her hat for camera, lays down on her side on a blanket and holds up a bottle. Man cooks fish over a fire. Man in canoe. A man in a dirty sweatshirt draws a bowl of water off the end of dock. Another man smoking cigar and wearing tie pushes away thin layer of ice off top of water and fills coffee pot from end of dock. Men smoking inside camp. One man dries hands with towel.
Donor-supplied Notes
Home movies of fishing and hunting in Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes below. (Reel notes from donor are in brackets; reel numbers are donor-assigned.) Reel 28: [Moosehead Lake 1936. General Smith. John Graham, Sr. Bangor Salmon Pool 1932-1933. Alley Doane. West Grand Lake? Union River Ellsworth station 1939-1940. Green Lake Chapman camp near Sandy Point 1935. Phillips Lake ice fishing 1935. Ms. Graham on Green Lake summer 1936.]
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