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16mm film; [400 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Silent
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BetaCamSP; Silent
[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 37
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1935 – 1936
Kids Wayland 1935-6 Donor notes: "Wayland 1935+36 Ann coasting (sled + Austin) Feb 1935 Alice (4 weeks old) April 5, 1935 Transplanting Red Cedar May 25, 1935 Ann + Margot under hose May 1935 Alice having bath, Ann + Margot at Mother Stevens playing school Oct 1935 Alice- Nursery in Wayland Jan 25, 1936" Views of Ann Bemis (born July 1, 1929) sledding down the hill in front of the Bemis Wayland home. She also gets on the frame on wheels of one of Alan's cars, an Austin race car, and steers it expertly on the snowy path. Shot Feb. 1935. Views of baby Alice (born March 8, 1935) at age 4 weeks (April 5, 1935) as Chapie gives her a bath. Chapie hands her out a window to a nurse, who places her in a bassinet outdoors. A truck from "ALFrost Tree Moving, Arlington, Mass" backs into driveway with a very tall red cedar on the truck bed. Chapie and Alan watch from the terrace of their Wayland house as the tree is positioned by the terrace May 25, 1935. Ann and Margaret play in the sprinkler hose on the lawn, May, 1935 Chapie on horseback on the driveway. View of Ann in a horse cart drawn by Billy the miniature horse, in a horse show. Also views of Ann or Margot riding the horse in the ring in competition. Color footage. Views of Chapie giving Alice a bath in the nursery, October, 1935, then Chapie poses with her outdoors. Views of Ann, Margot, and Mother Stevens outdoors at the Wayland house, sitting on lawn, playing "school". Chapie joins them. They each have on their "school uniforms" and work with pencils and paper. Footage of Alice in the nursery in Wayland, January 25, 1936, learning to crawl, and chewing on a camera case. She sits in Chapie's lap as Ann and Margot dance around her, making her laugh. Alice sits in her high chair while Alan tries to feed her, but she is mesmerized by the camera and is not interested in food.
Children, Families, Winter
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