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[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 066
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1936 – 1937, 1939
Viewing Notes
Viewing notes: Reel 66: Archie Stewart can notes: 1. Sound, 1936. 1. Mother reading. 2. My birthday. 3. Ann's birthday. 4. Slippery Elm. 5. Pig. 6. 4th of July. 7. Christmas. 8. 1937. Kids at piano. 9. Ann reading. 10. Kids with Patsey. 11. Fishing Orange Lake. 12. 1939 Christmas.
Viewing Notes
SOUND Mary and Ann under Christmas tree discuss their presents. Archie Stewart narrates children skating, Powelton Club, flooded tennis courts. Children climbing over fence into snowy yard. Archie narration: 'January 26, 1935, a week ago today we had the biggest snowstorm that I can remember...I stand corrected on that 1935, they tell me that it's 1936.' Children play with dog, sled. Views of children sledding down driveway on flexible flyer. WS of 'Uncle Sam's house,' sledding down curved driveway. At Brookside, Uncle Sam Stewart's home. George Gatter, Gladys Stewart. Grandmother Stewart reading The Three Bears to two children. Ann on lap scowls at Mary. Children sing Happy Birthday, present cake with candles to Archie. Archie gets girls to blow out the candles. Reading lesson with Ann. 'I am a little Brownie.' Outdoors at Brookside. George Gatter, Mary Port, Ann and Mary. Dog Patsey. Children peel pieces of elm bark off. 'The tree is a slippery elm tree' poem recited by Stewart. Birthday party, little girls around the table. Children at table recite in French, Anne Northrop and Ann Stewart. Children sing Happy Birthday. Farm footage, woman (Anna Stone) chases pig. Ann Stewart is briefly in the frame approaching the pig. Pig grunts. Man catches pig. It squeals horribly. [Mary Stewart Hafer: The part of Brookside farm where Archie's parents lived, near the ice house. Archie Stone, Sr. took over the Brookside Ice Co. from Grandfather Stewart. Young Archie Stone was killed in World War II] Six girls jammed on bench singing raucous song. Girl lights firecracker, hear staccato pops as girls watch. Christmas, (semi-color) people open presents and describe. A toaster, radio. Mary plays the piano. Ann plays the piano. 1937. Grandpa Warden present. Two little girls fight on the sofa about Easter toys. Reading lesson with Archie and Ann. Archie coaxes Patsey the dog onto couch and has her sit like human. Mary and Ann have a tea party with their dog Patsey. Patsey is wearing a dress and bandana on her head. Mary emulates "tea party" conversation. Line of girls in 'Tyrolean' costume swaying to waltz music on stage. [Mary Stewart Hafer: Grand Street Gang took lessons with Miss Paffendorf. Dresses from the attic. We made up the dance. Grand Street Gang and Ynes Jora.] Modern dance routine by girls dressed a la Isadora Duncan. Two girls and man in rowboat, fishing. Archie narrates. [Otto Brown, Anne Northrop, Ann Brown, Ann Stewart, Mary.] Girls learning to putt on golf green. Christmas 1939. Dramatic music while two girls unwrap mysterious package: skis. Flexible Flyer sled. Girls describe other presents they unwrap.
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