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16mm film; 1000 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 0152_F16
16mm film; 1000 ft.; Silent; b&w
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NRA Parade, Bangor
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Can Descriptions
Dated October 1933. 'The pictures of the Bangor Brewer NRA Parade are brought to you through the efforts of Bangor Publix Theatres.' LS front of library? Bands, military, Independent Retail Grocers, J.J. Newberry Co., assorted drug stores, Dunham Hanson Co., Bangor Harvester, M.E. Peabody Co., etc. 'The Pictures of the Bangor Brewer NRA Parade are brought to you through the efforts of Bangor PUBLIX theatres. Photography by Dan Maher.' Bangor City Hall from Central St. Two motorcycles. Police with billy clubs in form at head of parade. Children, men in street wear, men in uniform, various citizens march. Band in uniform led by tuba. Soldiers march in close formation. Band of men in white caps. Soldiers, flag with X HQ. Buildings on right: Central Furniture, new and used. Zoidis Fruit Company, Moxie. More military uniformed men, with two flags, four drums, led by U.S. and other flag. Men in white trousers, with baton. Young men carry banner, block letters-'Freese's We Do Our Part' They wear caps, dark jackets, white pants. Young woman in white dress and coat holds rope attached to banner. More women in same white outfits with U.S. flags, in background a banner. NRA eagle, banner, Townsend's, groceries, market, food shops. Rines co., Miller. Car with sign 'Unemployed Float, the B-B Democratic Club' woman on front of car dressed in white robe with crown, one arm raised. Streamers all over car. Man with sign, 'Maine School of Commerce.' Women in regular dress with U.S. flags. Men in white coats, 'Penobscot Beef and Provision Co.' Drummers in white. Trolley tracks. 'Independent Retail Grocers' 'Lynch and Cameron'. Men in suits with arm bands, 'Socony' all wear hats. Sign with NRA and eagle 'T.R. Savage.' 'J.J. Newberry' employees in street clothes with U.S. flags. Women in white with caps, young men in short jackets and bow ties with flags. Man in suits with canes. Young women in overcoats. Five men 'Frawly's Pharmacy', 'Warren Drug', 'Fowler Drug' in suits and hats. Car decorated with greenery. Man in white 'New Atlantic Restaurant and Night Garden' restaurant employees waitresses in uniform. Men in white clothes, arm bands 'A&P' march by 'The Star Store, ladies and misses apparel'. sign 'Buy Now. The loyal order of I.A.B. I Am Buying. Do You Belong?' 'NRA. A&P tea company.' 'Palace of Sweets.' 'Sandwich Shop', women in capes, 'The John Skorfis Co.', 'Dokels Crystal House.' 'Ye Brass Rail' Background 'Flour Coverings', 'The Outlet' Marchers 'Pen Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York', Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company.' Canadian Provincial Flag, N.B.? Car with bunting. 'R.B. Dunning Co.' women with flags. 'Dunham Hanson Co.' men and women in white. 'Largay's' 'Army and Navy Trading Co.' Large horizontal banner-'Bangor Rotary Club' 'Rice and Miller Co.' 'Bangor Wholesale Confectionary Co.' 'Acme Manufacturing Co.' large banner carried overhead 'James Bailey Co.' Men in overcoats. 'Bangor Harvester Co.' 'H.F. Peabody Co.' 'Bangor Public Market' 'Townsend's Food Shops' Women in hats with bows, sashes 'Boston Store'. Men in suits and ties-'Bangor Theological Seminary'. '---versity Cafe' all in white with flags. 'Bangor Daily News' women and men. Paper boy with shoulder bag, other boys carrying horizontal banner with 'Bangor Daily News' in Gothic script. Cars 'Country Chairwomen' all open cars with NRA signs on front. Boy students in shirts and ties; girl students, 'St. Mary's school' on coats. Young women in NRA sashes. Boys pass in front of 'Wheedler Electric Company' building. Poster next door for 'New Bijou'. Back at Central Furniture-women in white. 'Technical Service'. 'BHS' and band. Bangor High School students and teachers. 'John Bapst' Boys in B sweaters. Women in white with NRA sashes. Spectators in front of JJ Newbury, Jamesons, Wood pony cart 'Wholesale Meat Packing Houses'. Car with 'Hincks Coal Co.' Buckley Drug Co., Toilet. Bus terminal. Soda Fountain. Car with 'C.D. Merrifield Co.' Decorated truck with tent 'Master Painters Bangor' Car with 'P.J. Byrnes Real Estate. Truck decorated with 'Mr. Depression' and 'Miss Prosperity'. Policemen in foreground; people with balloons. 'Bedding Company' float with horseshoes. NICA sign. Portrait of FDR on side. Decorated cars-MacDonald's grocery; C.A. Dean Kraft Phenix Cheese. Car, Indian Island Women's Club with men in headdresses, man on back of car waving U.S. flag. Car with 'To help You Own Your Home We Do Our Part.'Byron H. Smith Co.' Bangor Publix theatres NRA, float 'The Good Ship Prosperity' employees in uniform aboard. Side says 'Bangor Sails along with the NRA'. Car, 'Olympian' we do our part. Another NRA boat float 'Ship by Truck' with lobster traps. Corner-tram tracks all over brick road. Greyhound bus terminal, many people, one police officer, cars pass by on left. Stores, (Dand) E. Gamble. Liggett's Drug Store. Sign 'Left turn on green arrow only'. 'WABI' decorated car. Policeman in foreground. End of Parade. View from 2nd and 3rd floor-crowd in intersection cars waiting to go through. Motorcycle, fire engine. Reviewing stand-men hold hats on chests. Behind them-'Spanglers Q not Q Groceries'. CU men in stand, one very large man in Veterans hat next to lamp post. Women seated at bottom of reviewing stand. Motorcycle, more marchers.
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