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1) 1375.0035_F16
16mm film; [375 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1375.0034-.0036_DVD
DVD; Silent; b&w and color
3) 1375.0034-.0036_IN3/4
3/4inch-video; Silent; b&w, Color
4) nhf-1375_0035
March 3 2019 at 19:16:54
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 35
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Can Descriptions
35. 1935--Sept 1, at farmers pool, Sept 1, Little Snifter, Sept 2, cutting oak, Sept 2, cutting oak, Sept 4, leaving island, Sept 29, new cars, new camera, Oct 12, Budd Lake, Oct 18, Kodachrome, Seaves across street, Tom and Billy.
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes: Bogart. Reel 35. 17:52. Little girl in bathing suit walks down changing room ramp. Boy in pool with wooden fencing around it. Little girl makes way down side steps. She walks into pool as boy follows her. Water in pool ripples. Boy steps out of pool and wiggles beneath opening in fence. Girl climbs from pool. Boy enters pool and swims vigorously. Man standing at poolside takes small barrel and throws it into pool. Man beside of him wears bathing suit. Little girl enters pool and grasps barrel. People watch from side of pool. Man in bathing suit scratches head. He talks with attendant who is African American. Boy leans against pool fence. 19:44. Overhead shot of seal in pool. Water ripples. Seal swims. Pauses, looks about. Boy, girl, man, woman watching from side of pool. Sign over building entrance: 'United States Fisheries Station'. Water surface. Man in motorboat skims over surface. Boat. Water surface. Trees on opposite shoreline. Boat slows down. Man at steering wheel. Boy is beside of him. Man reaches into bow. He pulls at rope to start motor. View of this boat from canopy of boat moored at shore. Man, boy skimming along in motorboat. Boat makes waves, leaves wake. 21:53. Tennis court. Man is cutting grass at side. Little girl and boy. Three are at court exterior. Part of tree descends. Man is sawing tree. Young men at side. Two women. Sawed off branch thrown aside. Man continues sawing on tree. Another branch descends. Women pick up branches at side of court. Boy, woman struggle in carrying branch. Man applying axe to branch on ground. CU of white-gloved little girl shaking hands. She holds gloved hands before her. Clump of branches obscure person carrying them. People assembled at side of court. Man places little girl he has been carrying on ground. Man brushes hair with hands as work continues at side. Man holds tree trunk. Rope is attached to top. Tree descends. People gather about. 24:04. Tree with protruding branches. Two men saw tree branch using two-handled saw. Young man atop horse-drawn carriage. He uses tongs to remove block of ice from back of carriage. He pours pitcher of water over ice. Little boy emerges from opening in lattice at porch bottom. Girl, woman watch from upper porch. Cloth items spread upon railing. Boy helps man place branch beneath lattice. Girl, two women with luggage walk down woodland path. Wharf with gangway. The three walk down gangway. Woman scales paper object into water. She does same at side. 25:58. Little girl sits on wharf between two moored boats. Man enters boat. Woman, little girl sitting on wharf. Man steps out of boat with several passengers already therein. Man removes trunk which has been lying on bow. Women on gangway. Man raises motor hood of parked coup'e car as buddy watches. Woman, little girl emerge from car. Small bundle in arms, girl skips in yard. Bundle is doll. Woman bends over flowers in yard. Two men talking. Woman opens garden gate. Little girl, bearing bouquet enters. Another little girl follows her. Man, little boy. Little girl joins the two. Girl, boy enter coup'e as man holds door. 28:05. Woman enters coup'e. Point-of-view ride down highway in car. Telephone poles, signs, cars on highway. Bridge. Water surface. Railing at side. Shoreline trees. Buildings. Still P. O. V. ride. 28:50. Boy and girl crouched down on ground. Tree. Birch framework. Still crouched, boy is examining item through magnifying glass. Two men walk forward. Man shakes little girl's hand. Man shakes boy's hand. The three enter home. Girl, woman emerge from home. Woman sits in beach chair in yard. Man emerges from home. Family shot of the aforescribed as they picnic while sitting on lawn. Boy, girl wave. Boy makes a face. Side of home, trees, foliage, yard. Pan. of trees. Family, two men sitting on lawn. Boy sprawls before man as girl balances self on object. 30:26. Boy shields eyes from light with hands. Woman raises cup as she drinks from it. Home exterior with overhanging tree. Side of home with brick chimney. Boy, two men walking in yard. (Next part of film is in sepia tone.) Pan. of trees with copiously-leafed branches. Pan. moves to left. Breeze wafts leaves. Closer view of some trees. Pickup truck is parked in yard. 32:03. Two boys emerge from home. Boy in front carries rake. He begins raking leaves. He exchanges rakes with other boy. They rake leaves together. 'Esso' oil, fuel truck. Truck backs up to home. Sign attached to side of truck: 'Essolube'. Boy with hands in pockets. Uniformed service man raises lid at side of truck. Boy emerges from truck cab. Left pan. trees with copious leaves. Pan. now goes to right. Little girl crosses yard to sidewalk. She walks down sidewalk and crosses street. She runs up and down brick steps. Girl standing on brick step. She descends. C.U. of girl as she walks. Bare tree in midst of well-foliaged trees. Woman, girl emerge from home. Girl carries doll in arms. She sets it down in lawn chair. Woman carries basket similar to Easter basket. 34:47. Girl takes small wooden table which woman helps her place. Girl places basket on table. Woman sits in wooden chair. Woman, girl place toy china service on table.
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