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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 1428.0029-.0035_DVD
DVD; 57 min; Unknown
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3/4inch-video; 57 min; Unknown
4) 1428.0029-.0035_VHS
VHS; 57 min; Unknown
[Birch Rock camp footage] Reel 32
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circa 1941
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage primarily of camp activities at Birch Rock Camp. NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 32, 1/13/00 JS: 09:03. CU dalmatian dog vigorously wagging tail. Two young men wearing swim trunks. They put arms about each other's shoulders for a 'buddy' shot. A third young pal joins them on the right. They kiss each other in the same fashion that foreign men do as a matter of custom. Another duo of young men,their arms around each other' shoulders. CU black and white water spaniel being held by teenager. CU spaniel's face. Youngsters eating at outside wooden table. CU young boy thouroughly enjoying his meal. 12:01. Group dining. Dishes stacked to be washed. CU young man wearing Native American chief's feathered bonnet on his head. CU young man who wears a flannel shirt and glasses. Three young men digging with shovels in midst of woods. Woman observing young men. MS station wagon with trailer loaded with young men. Some hold fish which they've caught. LS of long, square-shaped birthday cake, proudly held up by African-American man. Group of young men, arms around shoulders, buddy-fashion. Cars parked on right side of road. Young men walk over to that side of the road from opposite side. Track shot group of young men seated on ground. Two young men having a game of cards. 15:01 Canoes at edge of lake. Woman fishing from wharf. Pan lake with well-forested mountain slope, evergreen trees forming the shoreline. MS canoes lake. Poor contrast. Canoes follow each other in a circle. Canoe fleet led by older man with boy sitting in bow of canoe. MS of canoes, rowers beside of each other. Shots of rowers, lake surface. 17:03. MS of canoes being brought into port. Quick shot of two young passengers in canoe as it is being roped, moored to post on landing. MS of navigators, passengers debarking from canoes, returning to shore. MS of boys astride horses. 18:03. Two boys stand in field, watching. Horse-rider trot through a few paces. Track shot of boys in wood. One has pan. Appears to be preparing meal. Shot is shadowy. Boys walk back and forth (very dark). Track shot of boys drinking from glasses. MS of older, bare-chested man driving spike into ground while young man beside him watches. Quick track shot of branches, foliage adjacent to lake surface. A canoe is about to enter the lake. It will be navigated by older man. 19:03. Track shot of low-lying foliage, trees along shoreline. Track shot of young men in canoes. They're attired in trunks. They are preparing to voyage out on lake. Shadowy, dark shots. Appear to be of young men in canoes. Track shot of woods, tent area with clothes hung out to dry. Track shot of young men standing beside canoes. MS of older man fishing. Boy stands beside him. Quick shot of fish flapping on line in water, just prior to being reeled in. 20:04. MS of older man standing in canoe. He uses pole to navigate it. Quick CU of man as he moves canoe forward. Track shot of various parked vehicles, truck, car, station wagon. One has canoe secured to it. MS of canoe secured to trailer-hitch. MS of boys gathered in field. Adults, scattered, here and there. CU of adult man mentioned previously. Man is bare-chested, has hat down over eyes, small tattoo on right top of chest. Man smiles. Good character CU. MS of two men setting out from shore in canoe. Circular object is in center of canoe. 21:00. Canoe enters lake. LS of lake surface, shoreline evergreens, mountain slope in immediate distance. MS of young men grouped in front of camp. (end of reel.)
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