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16mm film; [? ft.]; Silent; b&w
4) 1435.0007-.0009_DVD
DVD; Unknown
[Price--home movies] Reel 007
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of family activities and events. Can notes as follows; reel numbers assigned by donor. Reel 7: [no notes] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED) NHF cataloguer's notes Reel 7: 00:09. Boy pulls item out of large carton. Other boy is with him. They are at exterior of home. Woman enters. This is a cart. Boy pulls passenger-laden cart down walkway. Child pushes cart from behind. Boy runs behind cart. Boy pulls cart off to side of walkway. Boy continues to pull cart. Friend still pushes and cart-activity continues. Children are gathered around sandbox. Designed structures within, not of sand but wire or glass. Three boys. One is driving a 'Soapbox Derby'-like homemade vehicle while other boys push and run after it. 01:08. They descend walkway in like manner. Fun, smiles, a good time! CU young driver at wheel. He smiles. He dismounts. Boy raises 'engine shield' which is front of wooden carton on hinges. Two boys in canoe. They plunge in water for a swim. They return to canoe. Other boys have been swimming in the water and they approach the canoe. Boys invert canoe in water. They climb aboard the canoe. Toddler girl in center of inner tube. She is in water near wharf. 92:15. Kicking her legs and leaning on inner tube, she drifts out into the water. Girl and boy-swimmers in water. Inverted canoe drifts behind them. Boy, girl swimmers dive off of wharf into water. 03:02. Quick shot of girl with inner tube. Stones are in center. Boys dive off of wharf into the water. One boy returns, climbs up onto wharf. Girl, boy jump off of wharf into the water. Girl toddler drifts on inner tube with slightly distressed expression on her face. Now she kicks her legs and smiles as she drifts along. Vigorous swimming. Boy swims under water. Toddler enjoys drifting along on her inner tube. 04:04. She floats in vicinity of wharf. Boy dives under water, swims there. Flippers on wharf. He surfaces. Boy dives from wharf into water. He paddles along ardently. Boy in woods. He approaches structure and goes behind curtain attached to it. Foliage, shadows. Boy emerges from behind curtain. He applies hammer to nail at side of structure. 05:08. Water surface, trees, foliage of opposite shore. Blue sky, clouds. Silhouetted foreground trees. Scenery. Children swinging in strongly-woven homemade hammock. Jouncing about, they enjoy themselves. They dismount. Family assembled around Christmas tree. Two girls, two boys. 06:02. Woman joins the children. Family admires tree. Woman hands present to boy. Girl opens present of dress. 07:02. Other children watch toddler girl open her present which is also a garment. Woman watches as she holds up dress gift. Other girl has dress present. Boy opens present of toy cash register. Other boy has toy typewriter. Scan of parlor with holiday candles on the mantle, etc. Chairs, lamp, picture on wall. Curtains, floor clock. More lamps, curtains. 08:04. Doors. Boy on skiis. He skis down hill. Walks around at foot. He smiles. Road. It is overshadowed with trees. It is spring or summer. Four boys are bicycling down road. Lead boy has small American flag attached to handlebars. Other cycler has small triangular flag attached to handlebars. Boy at oars of rowboat. Another boy with his canoe does same. Water surface. Copious trees of opposite shoreline. Two boys dive from wharf into water. They swim expertly. 09:34. They return to wharf and the reenter water. They wear flippers on their feet. They swim capably. 10:03. Finely-woven rug. Roses in center. Roses at side also. Children enter through interior door. Little girl in front conceals her face. Children at side of Christmas tree. Boy smiles. Present of toy cupboard filled with kitchen supplies. 11:01. Boy watches as girl unwraps her present which is a book. Two boys watch another girl unwrap her present which is a dress pattern and material for making the same. She wraps the material around herself. Boy unwraps his present which is game, map of world on the board. 12:01. Another boy unwraps his present which is in large carton stuffed with crushed paper. His present is a drum. Individual groups of young people. They are outside. Each group dances in a circle. Structures in background. Spectators at side of field. Two boys in rowboat to which a sail is attached. Dog watches from shore. 13:01. Little girl in the water. She is wearing a life jacket. She swims hesitatingly. At side, boy swims just a little distance from her. Boy dives from wharf. (These shots are a little shadowy.) Another boy dives from wharf. Boys swimming in water. They return to wharf. One waves. It is winter. Small group of children. One child pushes friend on sled from behind. 14:00. One pushing is, in turn, also pushed on shoulders. Youngsters run across snow-covered lawn. Make snowballs and throw at each other. Exterior of home. Woman, child at foot of steps. Snow-covered trees. Camera tracks vertically upward to show beauty of snow-covered evergreen.Building with dome or cupola atop it. Spring now. Boy, girl and younger girl emerge from home. Family shot. Aforementioned children and other children, no adults. Little girl holds aloft doll which she has. Children wave as they return to interior of home. Woman emerges from behind column where she has been hiding. 15:01. Little girl swims forward. She climbs up onto wharf. Boy swimming. He wears diver's mask, flippers. He dives under water. Buddy, wearing same is with him. They swim, dive together. One boy does somersault, gymnastic motion in water. Repeats the same. Swimmers on wharf. Boy dives from board. Younger lad follows him. Four swimmers dive from wharf together. All swim expertly forward. 16:03. Young boy throws basketball into hoop. He repeats action. Home basketball and hoop. Misses on this try. Camera records both hits and misses as young athlete makes conatuses towards scoring. Shadow of boy as he tries for baskets and shots of him trying. He scores basket. Family descends steps of home. All wear coats. Little girl carries box. They enter car. Woman on porch. What appear to be very large wooden boxes are on porch. She smiles as she descends steps. 17:03. Winter. Two children in yard of home. One child descends on sled. This sled with ornate runners has Victorian, antique appearance. Boy descends on wooden, conventional sled. Girl descends on conventional sled. Yard of home. Children at foot of porch. Three children, one atop the others, descend yard aboard sled. They dismount at end of yard. (End of Reel 7.)
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