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16mm film; 430 ft.; Sound; b&w
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 033
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Can Descriptions
Can notes for Reel 33: Archie Stewart can notes: 1933 4th of July trip to Maine. Rob, Kitty, Dr. Simkhovitch & Johnson Motor. <-Mary's request). September trip. Deep sea fishing, Rob, Mary (large), Mary (small) & Ivan Skavinsky. NHF viewing notes, 6/96 for Reel 33: Silent, B&W. MS Rob Golding, Dr. Simkhovitch, Howard Kendall stand in dappled light, talking. Walk thru field. From mid-canoe, shot of Howard Kendall operating motor in stern. Loading luggage onto car, canoe lashed to top, two children seated on running board--Howard Kendall's children. Boy and girl seated in sun squint at camera. Archie loads boy and girl into wheelbarrow and rolls them down the road. LS of loaded car, Archie pushing kids in wheelbarrow walks thru frame. Howard Kendall and family (woman and two children) relaxing on dock at lake. VS of Howard Kendall in stern of boat operating motor, with and without jacket. Man stands to pour gasoline into motor. Howard Kendall bending at water's edge to wash out cans. Archie and Howard prepare and enjoy picnic in the woods. Moving shots of lake from boat. Howard on dock uses funnel to pour gas into outboard motor. Man uses sponge to bail out canoe. Young boy seated on porch of cabin uses can to bailout his wagon. Young girl clutching small toy. Nice shot of boy with arm around girl pose for camera, in field of wild flowers. [Percy Chase's grandkids?] Moving shot away from man and two children on lake shore. Second view showing man in stern with motor. Dog staring intently into water amidst reeds; frog hunting. Rest of sequence on another reel. VS of broiling rapids surging through narrow channel alongside road. Downpour of rain. Water churns under railroad bridge. Lots of flotsam carried in waves. Pan along shore shows mill buildings, small raging waterfall, wet (flooded?) roads over causeway. [Flood in Berkshires on trip to Maine, along Rte 9?--Mary Stewart Hafer] VS of children, woman, in front yard of house with porch. Rob Golding's house: wife, Jane, and Mother. Ann, Mary, then with Archie. Getting into car. Young girl with cat draped across arms. Frisky cats playing with girls. VS, funny, of young girl trying to pickup very patient cat. Struggles to carry over to house. Two women on back stoop, watch girls play with cats. Painted kohrabi hanging over door, Rob's handiwork. Woman seated beside young girl snuggling with small (collie?) dog. Mother and children beside car. Seated on running board, mother places cap on one, and helps other put on overalls. Woman hands Ann to man in boat, clambers in. Mary jumps in. Men pulling huge fish out of boat hold and toss into basket. Carry basket up ramp to building, 'Wadsworth' painted on side. Nice shots of wharf area as boat pulls away from dock; Eastport, Maine, shows all the sardine canneries. Moving shots from boat, gulls skim water. Pan up from passengers to man piloting boat. Shot thru porthole. Man on bow heaves off anchor. Fishing off side of boat. Woman reads to child. Three men and Mary display catch. Family snuggles under blanket in stern of boat. Approaching high pilings of dock. Family clambers up steep ramp stairs at Eastport, Maine. Log cabin in woods, The Thoroughfare when new. Two children peer from doorway. Smoking stove in yard, man tends fire, heats kettle. Rob Golding walking thru field, joined by Mary. Mary seated in canoe on shore, gently rocks boat, man loads fishing gear. Nice silhouette of Mary standing in doorway, lake in BG. Joined by man. WS man and girl walking on shore towards tipped over canoe. Launch canoe. HS tilt down to girl scrabbling out from under tipped canoe. Family on porch of log cabin. Man gives child bouncy piggy back ride in wooded glade. Truck drives up narrow road thru woods to cabin. Moving shot of lake scenes from boat.
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