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8 mm film; 200 ft.; Silent; Color
2) 1562.0001_VHS
3) 1562.0001_INSP3/4
[Camp footage] Reel 001
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Hiram Blake Camp. Can notes: '1949 Storm Fishing 1950 Scalloping' NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 1, JS 7/7/99: (03:85) (This film is in color.) Pan water surface and shoreline evergreen trees. Horizon. Women in canoe. Two men. One is smoking pipe. Party, women in boat. Long pleasure craft, cruiser. Small pleasure craft, 'Hazel B.' 03:56. Cabin in woods. Breeze wafts tree branches. Two men standing on wharf. 04:06. Family gathering. Man with toddler girl on his lap. Older man sits beside of him. C.U. girl. 04:40. Small wooden sign attached to side of building: 'Caw-Caw Lodge.' Cabin in woods. Car parked at side. Wind blowing. Cabin exterior. 05:03. Group of people sitting on ground. Someone runs by group. Two women walking. (Color in this film is just a bit faded.) Parked cars. Boy. Girl makes a face. 05:19. Little girl in sunsuit walks around. Group sitting on ground. 05:24. Trees. Cabin. Front of building on wharf. Inner tube with lettering over door. Three children adjacent to shoreline grass. 05:42. Sailboat. Shoreline trees. Group of people sitting on ground. Parked cars in background. Man smoking pipe. Woman touches small boy on shoulder. Older man talking rapidly. He and other man walk away. Group begins to dissemble. 06:30. Water surface. Shoreline trees. Cabin. (End of Reel 1.)
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