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16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
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[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 032 (F2)
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 32 (F2): Pre 1938. [no dc] note:book by Price (A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED CATALOGER'S NOTES) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 32. 14::58. (Reel commences in black and white.) Man and boy in canoe. Man at oar. Water surface is in motion. Evergreen shoreline trees. Man rows in stern. Boy smiles from bow. Man rows as he stands. 15:24. Man rows in stern with one oar. Boy in bow does same. 15:36. Group of boys, men at tables outside. Some have oil lanterns. Horse stands at right. 15:40. Group of boys walk along carrying inverted canoes. Boy at end of line bears oars. 15:48. Between them, two boys bear aloft large circular item which may be made of rubber. 15:54. Man with backpack. Boy behind has same. Two men and other boys with backpacks. Canoe at right side of path. 16:06. Group gathered on shoreline. Boy scratches side of head. Right-tracking pan. of group. Water surface in motion. 16:17. Water surface with canoe being rowed in distance. Copious shoreline evergreen trees. Water surface. Distant canoe being fervently rowed. Closer view of canoe. Boy rows in bow. Man rows in stern. Sky. Horizon. 16:42. Man rows as he stands in canoe. (Film is just a bit grainy in this sector.) The two moor canoe on shore and disembark. 17:04. Different man rowing canoe. He commences sitting, but now stands. He rows past boulder. 17:16. Silhouette right-tracking pan. of mountain side. Horizon. Water surface. Boulder in lake. 17:30. Water surface in motion. Silhouette of two children watching from shore. 17:35. Platform which is loaded with cars slowly traverses water surface. Man in row or motor boat at left helps guide platform. Man with long stick at front of platform. 18:06. Group of children walk down street. Building with starred sign is in background. Car comes up street, ascending small hill. Children at side. Two men fool, touch each other on the head. Man in car. People play checkers while reclining on boat deck. Man lying on his side. 19:05. Ropes, rigging of boat. People on deck. Boy with medal around his neck. He pulls, straightens string. Two boys examine fish one of them has caught. 19:39. Boys on deck cut, clean fish. Boy smiling. He wears sunshade hat. Another smiling boy. He thrusts fist toward camera. While holding rigging rope, boy shields his eyes from sun. 20:06. Boy casts large tin can on end of rope into water. He reels it back in. 20:13. Two boys wearing boxing gloves spar on deck. Rigging, ropes at side of boat. Boy smiles from side. 20:25. Right-tracking silhouette of crew, passengers standing on deck of ship. Rigging of ship. Man drinks from cup. Man with leg raised. 20:36. Passengers concealed under blankets asleep on deck. 20:49. Boys pulling on rope. Sweatered man reels in line. Boys watch from side. Boy swings on ropes, rigging. Silhouette of boys at side of boat. Water surface in motion. Silhouette of deck occupants. Reclining passenger pulls ropes which are wrapped around feet. Man eating. 21:29. White-uniformed man peels potatoes in galley. He looks up. 21:34. Deck of ship, crew, passengers. Sails are down, wrapped around masts. Man moves frenetically around in stern. Crew disembarks with duffel bags, sea bags, luggage. Boy with cased musical instrument. Man steps over side onto wharf. 22:02. CU sailboat. Silhouette of same. (Film now has slight green tint.) Rigging, masts, ropes. Boys on deck, boys at side. 22:34. City street. People. People gathered at base of statue. Silhouette of passengers standing on ship. Boys standing at side. 22:59. Sailboat with furled sails skims water surface. As boat skims by wharf, people thereon watch. 23:10. Man with fishing rod advances toward water. He casts line. Branches of adjacent tree. Side by side boys paddle two individual canoes. They advance fervently forward. 23:31. Boy crouches over campfire. He is frying eggs. Smoke of fire. Cooking eggs. 23:53. Group of boys in truck bed. One of them waves. Boys standing on shoreline. Lake surface. Trees of opposite shoreline. Boy with item around neck crouches down. 24:19. Two blindfolded boys on floor. They are playing a game. 24:25. Group of boys assembled at base of cannon. 24:32. Boys rowing canoe. Each has two oars. Other boy sits in stern. Boys on beach. Surf, tide coming in. 24:40. Group of people walk on city street. Many of the men wear white, black-banded hats. The people walk along. Extended pan. of the crowd. 25:06. Boy rowing canoe on lake surface. Evergreen trees of shoreline. 25:15. Boy draws or writes on paper with pencil. He is outside on cabin porch. 25:27. Man chops at felled tree with axe. 25:34. Crouched on ground, boy takes aim with rifle. 25:43. Group of boys. One is deveining or removing shells from small shrimp. 26:01. Sihouette shot of boys at various activities in the wood. Tent is dismantled, taken down. Another tent is dismantled. Campfire ablaze. 26:43. Boys rowing canoe. Boys in sailboat. Someone watches from platform which has elevated structure on its side. 27:12. Boys in bathing suits roll barrel up shore. Boys carry slatted wooden structure forth. Boys walk forward between the slats. They raise structure. Carry it along. Boy climbs at side of cabin. Boy below hands him wooden square used to protect window. Protector is secured with hammer. 28:17. Boys roll up large tent. They secure it with rope. Young man bears tent away on his shoulders. 28:38. Young man paints inverted canoe. 28:55. Young man lifts trunk. He places another on truck bed. 29:11. Group of men in area. One has long stick. Two boys shake hands. Boy scratches self under arms. 29:28. Passengers boarding train. Smoke emanates from chimney as train starts its journey. Several boys wave as they hang out of train windows. Conductor waves white handkerchief, cloth. 30:03. Several groups of men row in canoes on lake surface. Mountain side, evergreen trees of opposite shoreline. Three men in canoe. Reeds, shoreline foliage. Several canoes with passengers. 30:36.(Film now has light red tint.) Rapids in motion. Men in canoes. They are near the shore. Rapids. Shoreline trees. Man wades in water with canoe. Man pushes on back. Rapids. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Boys dressed for swimming. 31:21. Two boys row canoe forth. Evergreen trees. Man standing in canoe. Boy rows canoe with leg over bow. Lake surface. Evergreen trees. More canoe rowers. Rower stands in canoe as he wields oar. Rocks in lake. 31:47. Man wields stick in ground. Boy joins man. They carry cloth items on stick aloft. Man places cloth over stick. Man and boy place stick on frame. Tent is raised nearby. 32:09. Water trickling over rocks, small waterfalls. Larger waterfall at right. General view of area with its rocks, running rapids. Bigger waterfall. Boys walk along shoreline. Rocky elevation, almost a small mountain. Boys walk along shoreline, nearing rapids. Two boys at summit of rocky elevation. Boy walks over rocks while other boys are sitting. 33:02. Boys walk over and climb rocky surface. Boys sit on rocks near rapids. Some stand, walk about in area. Group waves. The foamy rapids. Pan. of rapids. Closer view of descending rapids. Swirling water. 33:44. Boys in canoes. One pushes canoe from back. Water surface. Boys in canoes. Two boys walk shoreward while guiding canoe. Boy stands as he rows canoe. Water surface in motion. Mild shallow rapids. (End of Reel 32.)
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