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March 3 2019 at 19:15:10
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 80
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1955 – 1956
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes Reel 80: 18:05. Family group outside of garage. They join hands, stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Man at extreme right has manuscript-like papers under his arm. Grove birch trees in wood. Silhouette of adjacent trees, camp in background. Exterior of camp. Other, sparse trees. Lake surface. Trees on opposite shore. 19:00. Rather than sylvan camp, this is a home with long, glassed-in porch. Man walks along in area just below house. Evergreen trees just below porch. Two men on steps of home. Woman on porch grasps dog by collar. Man ignites firecracker or similar item with cigarette. Item explodes, exudes smoke. He repeats action. Two men on path, dog on opposite side. Another firecracker explodes, emanating smoke! Pickup truck motors into area. Men flee. 20:07. Man crouches down, attempting to ignite pyrotechnical item. Other man assists him. The two men peer into the sky. White expanse; may be tennis court or empty pool. Grove birch trees. Shot tracks to shoreline trees, lake surface. Grove of birch trees. Two men in yard. Both smoke cigarettes. Gent in front wheels golf cart. 21:00. Buddy behind carries sport's bag. Woman, crouched on porch, removes circular pillow which is facsimile of watermelon, from paper bag. Family assembled on porch. Man drinks from can. Scan group on porch. Woman waves. Two women, man sit on steps. Two men, Two men on boat near pier. Man uses hands to indicate length of item. Group on wharf. Steam emanates from brick barbecue. This is a clambake. Group at table eating clams, dipping them in butter. 22:06. Woman, man touch each other on shoulder. Woman removes sunglasses. Man on path. He has tray in hand. Fort-like building. Turret for flag. Woman in field, near patch flowers. Men in boat. One man wears sunglasses. Dog, people on path in woods. Men constructing wooden item, pounding nails into same. Man on wharf. Man sitting in stern of boat. 23:05. Man helps woman into boat. Two women near parked cars. People near wooden table. Looks to be exterior of boathouse. Folded tables lie on ground next to building. Ladies, men walk forward. Boat with lobster traps in hold. Ladies, men adjacent to trees. Group waves, excepting one man. 24:01. Ladies standing near wharf railing. Two men, woman set sail in boat. Woman sits in stern. Woman walks down wood path. Boat docks. Man helps woman into boat. He hugs woman. Woman, man walk up gangplank. Two men, woman smoking cigarette on porch of home. 25:01. The three descend. They walk down path. Woman at left has very small purse. Family group gathered at front of home. Two men shake hands. Ladies gathered on rocky beach terrain. Boulders sloping toward ocean. Evergreens in background. Rocks of beach, ocean foaming, pounding against them. 26:01. Four men. One gestures with hand. Ocean, waves pound against rocks. Wavering shot exterior of home. Family group sitting on porch. Woman waves. Dog stands at bottom of steps. Family on porch. Woman, smoking cigarette, blankets over arm, descends steps. Family on porch. Some sit. Others stand. Man and woman embrace. 27:04. People on gangway. Boat laden with what appears to be small blocks of lumber. People descend gangway. Toy sailboat traverses water surface. It leaves wake. Group on boat. Water surface in motion. Pan. of waves. Pov. boat ride. We watch water from railing of boat. Rope, rigging of boat. 28:00. Woman, man talk. Exterior of restaurant located near wharf. People standing on wharf. Rear shot of three people on boat as boat skims past restaurant, other buildings. Water surface, varied watercraft. People aboard boat. Larger boat. Looks like steamer. Rocks protruding into water. Ladies aboard boat. 29:09. People sitting on rocks near shoreline. Woman has spread coat on rock. Woman standing on rock waves. Cliff jutting into ocean. Foliage, shoreline evergreens. Cliff. Rocks of shoreline. Foam. Two men, woman on cliff rocks. Man scratches arm. 30:03. Ocean surface, shoreline, foam. Exterior of rustic-looking home. Porch on back. Wooden shutters. Evergreen trees. Buildings for boat storage. Large barrels. Two objects which look like small silos. Man rowing boat. Shoreline homes. Man leans against wharf fence. Boulders, moss, grass on shoreline. Right-tracking pan. of area. Captain of boat. 31:04. Exterior of home. Woman on porch has elongated purse which looks like Chinese lantern shade. Two men, woman descend steps. Shadowy shot people walking along. People walk up gangway. Man sitting on ground. Four people sit on lower edge of porch. Dog comes along. People look up at sky. Lake surface. Shoreline trees silhouetted. 32:02. Boat skims lake surface. Man, woman walk single file down path. Trees. Man carrying wooden ladder. Woman, wearing shorts, walks down woodland path. She bows. 33:00. Man with boat matting on wharf. Two women on wharf shake hands. Man, woman in boat. Formally dressed man also in boat. Woman shields eyes from sun. Man launches boat. Man, woman wave. Car parked at end of stone path of home. Man, woman, girl emerge and walk up path. 34:03. Exterior Victorian-style home. Ladies, two men descend steps. Members of this party wave. Group assembled by trees. Man points upward. Exterior of home. Porch pillar. Pov. car ride past various trees. Countryside. Lawn. Little boy sitting on brick step of home. Plush toy in hand, he descends to stone walkway. 35:02. Little boy smiles, looks around. He holds plush toy up, looks at it. Boy has plastic bag. Woman approaches. Boy holds clown doll. (End of Reel 80.)
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