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16mm film; 253 ft.; Sound; b&w
4) nhf-1108_0046a 18fps HD Reel 46 PARTIAL-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reel 046
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Can Descriptions
NHF cataloguer's notes, 7/96: Reel 46 [Archie Stewart can notes: Party at McGrath's. Golf at Manchester. 27 March 1938. Newburgh from air. Fall Angola, s.o.f. Army-Navy 1938. 1. Girl Scouts. 2. Powelton masquerade. 3. Northrups make up. 4. Newburgh from air. 5. Angola single perf. >>>small piece in middle with trees and flowers has musical soundtrack<<<.] Screening notes: Logo ACL over camera lens. Iris dissolve to ocean liner with intertitle 'Member of Amateur Camera League.' Dissolve to montage: HS of football game, baby in arms, industry scenes, crane, mountain range. Intertitle 'The worldwide organization of amateur movie makers.' WS of group of girls seated outside, watching group standing around barrel. Pull newspapers from barrel and scan, then pull girl out. Some sort of play or trick being staged. Girls in scout uniforms walking two by two. Some carry jugs and cups. WS girls walking on tree-lined path, some with pack baskets. [Newburgh Girl Scout Camp] VS women or girls looking at mountain, lake view. Woman shows girl scouts how to cook over campfire. MS Group of girls cook on top of rock with view in BG. Counselor show scouts: pack up blanket and clothes, roll, lash and carry out. VS of swimming lessons inside dock and in lake. Diving off board. Gunnelling a canoe (girls stand on sides in stern and rock canoe forward.) Line of young girls jump off dock. Aerial view from plane of Newburgh, NY. Suburban sprawl, Hudson River, fields. Music (sounds like bees!) VS of trees, flowers, mother and children greeting horse in paddock. Probably Philadelphia; midshipmen. WS Parade of soldiers in stadium. Cadets run up into stands past camera. Marching band, cadets' hats in FG. VS more parading. Rolling cage [captured Navy goat?] and fortress.
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