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[Archie Stewart--home movies] Reels 170-172
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1973 – 1980
Can Descriptions
Archie Stewart can notes: Reel 170 Maharay's camp 12 Oct 1973. Abby's foot race 21 Oct 1973. Camp, via Bedford 2-18 Nov 1973. Trip California 16 Jan-21 Feb 1974. EA's kite, visit ML's college. Family trip Europe 28 Aug - 19 Sept. Late Foliage, Taconic Oct. Apple orchard 3 Nov. Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Vacation home of Arthur Maharay (Archie's double second cousin) at Orwell VT. Pond made by dammed stream on Arthur and Borghild's property. Hamilton MA High School cross country race with Abby Hafer. West Grand Lake ME Lobster boat towing canoe in very rough water. Deer hunting season. Dark picture of Archie with wheelbarrow, chopping wood. Good picture of Earl Bonness at stove. Ariel Coombs, Merle Hooks, Tommy Lockhead and Archie eating. 1974 trip to Scotland, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France and England. Archie Mother, Ann and Mary. Bicycles, stream and rapids, Clachaig Hotel, Cook's Tour guide and bus driver. big parade with floral floats seen from our windows in Roode Leow Hotel in Amsterdam. Boat on Rhine, Rhine castles. Luxembourg ?. Park with waterfowl. St. Albans, England. Ted and Phyllis Guiver and her sister, Florence Birchett. Phyllis and Florence are dsitant relatives. Luxurious old manor house bed and breakfasts where we stayed. Its gardens. Guiver's home. Back in USA, fall foliage, apple trees. Reel 171 Xmas 1974 at Ann's. Xmas 1975 at Mary-ah's. 4th July 1976. Dutch sailing vessels July 1976. Ann's pool, 21-31 July 1976. TAS 1975, JW's wedding 21 May 1977. Camp Sept 1977, Wellesley, 1978. Lilies at 388, 1978. 25 Aug graduation. Party for John Wallace. 30 March 1979 Abby, ball game, Swarthmore. Camp May 1979. Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Christmas at Sauls at 147 Brandenbug Lane, Fallbrook CA. Reg carving. Fake fish made by Mary Lou. Bedford, MA. Mary Hafer, Mary Stewart, John with long hair. July 1976 parade. Somewhere in Newburgh. Minutemen. Orange Lake volunteer fire truck. Trinity M.E. Parish float. Goerge Northrop. Replica Dutch ships on Hudson. Fallbrook, CA Sauls back yard pool. Archie sawing and splitting wood behind 388 Grand Street in Newburgh. West Long Branch NJ, John Hafer's wedding to Cathy West. Archie with bow saw. 1978 Wellesley College, Mary Stewart's 55th reunion. High School? band with red uniforms. Iris behind 388 Grand Street. 1978 Picnic near State College, PA to celebrate John's graduation. Tom Hafer throwing ball. Abby Hafer and Sauls cousin. Dick Maguire with his antique "Pottsville, Pine Grove & Harrisburg" bus. Elizabeth Sauls with camera. John's camper truck. Swarthmore PA, Abby playing softball on campus. College president may also be a player. Two trains passing at Swarthmore RR station. Abby and her grandmother. Maine camp. Early Bonness with fire in oudoor grill. Pocumcus shore. Ariel and Merle, George Northrop, Earl. All have mugs with their names. George's says "Judge" Early with 1929 outboard motor. Archie and George with Howard Kendall. Reel 172 1979 18 Sep. Esther builds bread. Camp 21-30 Sept. Leaves. Abby's graduation 26 May 1980. Building bridge (on 173) 22 Aug Camp 14-26 Sept. Mary Stewart Hafer notes: Reproduction calendar showing Sept 1923. Excellent long sequence showing all details of Esther Gunther making bread. Maine camp. Cutting trees. Mother in big red hat. Merle and Ariel. Earl with pumpkin. Early climbing down tree wearing lumberman's spikes. Cutting down tree, cutting and splitting wood. Carrying away slash in Jeep. Swarthmore PA 1980. Abby Hafer's graduation. Tom and Ann Hafer, baby William. Mary and Fred. Abby and Mary. Outdoor lunch on campus. Newburgh NY Second span of Hudson River bridge being built. Tall frames on barge. Canadian flag. Maine camp. Mother, Mary, Ann and Mary Lou with our dog "Lumpy." (This was when we tried, unsuccessfully, to have Earl retire gracefully with a pension.)
This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information;This item may be available for reuse, please contact Northeast Historic Film for more information
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