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1) 1521.0012_VHS
2) 1521.0012_IN3/4
3) 1521.0012_F16
16mm film; 400 ft.; Silent; b&w
4) 1521.0010-.0012_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0012-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 12
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N12 in quotes below; numbers are donor-assigned. 12. '1926 Technology Club Outing.' (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 12: 01:04. Intertitle: '1926 outing at Lyme Technology Clubs of New Haven and Hartford.' Group of men standing on lawn. They are adjacent to trees. Intertitle: 'Lining up the annual Baseball battle.' Man points outward as group of buddies look on. 02:00. Man wearing glasses, sports cap. Man throws ball at him and he in turn throws ball to another man. Intertitle: 'All set New Haven vs. Hartford, George Marsh, umpiring.' Man swings baseball bat. He runs as other man falls to ground. Both men rise. Man comes up to bat. He slugs ball, runs forward, falls, rises. Runs to base. Elderly, distinguished gent in semi-formal dress. He, too. wears sport's cap. Baseball game in progress. Man runs to base as man replaced runs to other section of diamond. Man waves to buddy who retrieves bat. Man marks place in sand. Man comes up to bat as buddies watch. 03:00. Man throws ball. Game breaks up as men leave field. Men standing about. In various positions, they talk. Game resumes. Man with bat. He hits homer. Touches base. Men run about. Other men watch from side of field. Man wearing glasses at bat. Man smoking pipe at bat. 04:01. He hits homer. Man catches ball. Cow-licked man comes up at bat. Man runs past another throwing ball. Game continues. Men watch cow-licked man as he bats ball. Intertitle: 'We seemed to do a lot of running around.' In the midst of game, men run about field, hitting homers, touching bases, etc. One man runs limping. Two men wearing sports caps are talking. One is late middle-age, the other elderly. Another man who wears a banded straw hat. 05:02. He smiles, genial man wearing business suit. Baseball game in progress. Man bats ball. Man throws ball. Man with straw hat once again. He crouches over slightly, enters field to observe baseball game. Man throws ball. Man at bat hits it. Game continues. 06:01. Straw hatted man breaks into a run. Man hits homer. 07:11. Men run about field. Resume their stations for baseball. Man almost loses balance trying to run. Rugged man in shirt, bow tie comes up to bat. Men watch from side of field as man comes up to bat. Another man comes up to bat, strikes homer. 08:02. Man in sports cap hits homer. Up at bat, man with open shirt front. Spectacled man up to bat. Team assembled at side of field practice team cheer or chant. Game resumes. Man throws ball. Man at bat strikes another homer. 09:01. Straw hatted man once more enters field. Man hits thrown ball. Man hits homer. 10:06. Overhead shot of small pleasure boat, prow highly visible. Back at baseball game. Two men, one middle-aged, the other slightly younger. Younger one has hands on hips. Intertitle: 'A glimpse at some of our crack golfers.' Man swinging golf iron. He putts ball with vigor. Another man does same. 11:02. Two men similarly dressed, white shirts, tucked-in ties. Another golfer comes up to putt. Hits ball vigorously. Man wearing sports cap, 'plus fours' comes up to putt. Four men. One has his irons in a case. Man wearing arm bands comes up to putt. He takes his stance. Putts ball. 12:03. Man wearing short-sleeved shirt now tries his golf luck. Putts with accuracy. Up at the ball now is man wearing white hat with black band. He clears area for ball-putting. Takes vigorous swipe. Man wearing shirt with rolled-up sleeves now tries his golf luck. Hits ball with calculated vigor. Man smokes cigarette as buddy comes up to try golf skill. He holds his iron crosswise as buddy gets ready to putt. 13:05. Buddy is very cautious about putting. Skims ball over ground timidly. Up nest is man with rolled shirt sleeves. He sends ball skimming with moderate stroke. He tries once more. Skims ball just a short distance. Three men. One adjusts his trousers. Man swings iron a few times before putting ball. Man clears away debris before putting ball in place. Whacks ball vigorously. 14:01. Man positions ball. He brushes trousers off. Practices swing a few times and gives ball vigorous whack. Man wearing sports cap now comes up to putt. Gives ball powerful whack. Man with iron in hand walks to side of field. Golfer gives ball inadvertent push. Repositions the same. Man at side brushes hair back with hand. Man positions ball for putting. Intertitle: 'A wonderful exhibition of tennis.' Man with tennis racquet lobs ball. 15:01. He is standing at side of court. Car motors down highway. He lobs ball, waits for its return. He runs about tennis court. Lobs ball. He runs forward. Positions racquet to receive ball. 16:02. Ball bounces on court. He crouches over. Car goes down highway. Now he runs forward. He's trying to figure out strategy of opponent. He runs forward. Intertitle: 'On Boxwood's steps after a good dinner.' Primarily male group assembled on steps of home. They are variously dressed. Some smoke pipes. Three men are assembled on sidewalk. Man wearing white, banded hat. 17:02. Some men walk up steps. Two men at side of car. One has hat under his arm. The other removes his. Intertitle: 'The shooter gets shot.' Man adjusts his movie camera, points it at camera. Man beside of him smiles. Another man smiles and makes a jesting fist. Men commence to walk down steps of home. Woman with purse under arm descends. Cars motor down highway. Men in yard. White-columned mansion. Upper porch with roof and columns. A few people are on porch. Group of trees, fenced yard. Car parked at side. Intertitle: 'The Patent Auto pipe.' 18:02. Front dashboard of car with its various accessories. Man smokes through tubular device installed in dashboard. Intertitle: 'Some scrub baseball in the afternoon.' Man throws baseball as man at side of field watches. Man at side of field smooths hair with hands. Group men in business suits. Man in this shot also smooths hair with hands. Man smokes cigarette. Man at right is using home movie camera. Baseball game begins on field. Tree in background. Group men standing about. One has hands on hips. 19:00. Man throws ball. Man comes up to bat. Another gent takes turn at bat. Intertitle: 'One native, whom we profoundly impressed.' Little boy standing beside of wooden-slatted fence. Intertitle: 'Another, but less profoundly impressed.' Little girl, her hair short, smiles as she sits astride top of fence railing. Man in straw hat comes up to bat. Hands bat to man wearing short-sleeved white shirt. 20:02. He swings with bat. Man wearing sports cap, hands in his pockets, talks. Group of men, back to to the camera, talk. One is partially bald. Man in group smokes pipe. Two men talk. One at left gestures. Two other men. One wears glasses. Man walks forward gesturing. Men assembled in background. Another baseball game has commenced. Man pitches ball. Intertitle: 'About six o'clock we called it another success and went home.' (End of Reel 12.)
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