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March 3 2019 at 19:16:55
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 34
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Donor-supplied Notes
34. 1935--Shawn at island, July 23, Edgar's wagon, July 26, Abbotts, Greenleys at house, Aug 6, picnic at point, Aug 10, Dad and Erik arrive, Aug 17, Abbotts visit, Aug 17, destroyer and Gertrude's arrival, Aug 23, [Uncle] Chas. Morse, Aug 23, [?] kids running, Aug 24, clam bake and going to harbor, Aug 25, San in [wheelbarrow], Aug 27, Tom, San at tennis, Aug 2[?], Dad and Erik leaving, Tom with gladiolas, Sept 1, Jenkins leaving.
Viewing Notes
NHF cataloguer's notes:Bogart. Reel 34. 00:03. Boy pushes wooden wagon down street. Dog follows beside. Girl playing tennis. Man watches from wooden bench. Girl pushing homemade wooden wagon. Two small boys sit inside. Toddler girl follows behind. Boy holds string attached to wooden cart as buddy steps out of cart. Other boy hauls wagon away. Man walks down path. Joins two women sitting on adjacent wooden bench. Two boys stand at front of wooden cart as they push it down path. One boy holds slender rope which is means of drawing cart. Boy gestures. 00:53. Boy sitting in cart rises from it. Buddy is holding rope. Two women walking on path. Porch railing in foreground. Boy walks up path. Porch railing, tennis court, low-lying foliage in immediate distance. Another woman walks up path. Two other women behind her. Boy holds screen door open for little girl, and two women as they emerge from home. Two other women emerge. Boy carries satchel down steps. Three women descend steps. Little girl comes around corner of lower porch latticework. Grass, low-lying foliage. Smiling, she walks down path. She walks through grove of trees, some in shadow, some sun-lit. Two women, two boys, and little girl descend path. Girl, boy emerge amongst ferns. Little girl, two women come through ferns. 02:55. Carrying baskets, light luggage two boys and girl cross field. Boy scratches nose, makes sniffing expression. Three girls sit on ground eating picnic lunch. Three boys sit on shoreline rocks as they eat picnic lunches. Two women picnic on shoreline in area more above water. Little girl with women drinks from paper cup, eats. (Blank space in film.) Three women picnicking on rocks. Boy sitting in branches of evergreen tree hurls paper plate. He stands on branch and gently moves up and down on it. Other boy approaches. Both boys and little girl stand near top of tree. 04:30. Boy wheels suitcase in wheelbarrow down path. Little girl and woman follow. Boy rests wheelbarrow at end of path. Little girl, boy and two women walk down path. Wharf, people. Canopied pleasure craft. Boy steps into this boat. Woman enters boat. Boat moves forward with two passengers sitting on bow exterior. Girl, woman wave from boat. Dog and little girl walk down wharf gangway. Little girl strides smartly along. Two men. One has package under arm. Boy and little girl are between the two men. Man and little girl walk hand in hand amongst moderate evergreen grove. They walk along path and walk upward. Girl looks up. 06:05. Man, two women, boy. Man is dressed in white. He wears explorer's or sun helmet. Woman, little girl at corner foot of porch. Older man appears at top of porch. Man, boy, girl at edge of wharf. Girl trails string in water. Woman approaches. Boy lies on stomach, peers down into water. Boy grasps rope in water. Toy sailboat is on end of rope. Little girl holds rope as sailboat sails in water. She looks up, smiles. Little girl beside woman. Boy, two men at side. Man in pith helmet emerges from moored, canopied pleasure boat. He shakes little girl's hand. Man shakes woman's hand. Does same other woman's hand. Younger man and older man talk. Woman waves as pleasure craft launches on voyage. 07:47. Boy sits on exterior stern. Other pleasure craft with striped awning. Little girl on wharf edge. She has toy sailboat on end of rope. She is sailing boat in water. She draws boat out of water and places it on side of wharf. She relaunches sailboat into water. Bow of boat in motion. Side of small ship. American flag is in stern. Side of ship's exterior. Parked 'Maine Central' bus. People waiting on sidewalk. Woman waves. Woman in dark glasses walks down wharf. Man dressed in white walks down gangway. Older man cautiously descends gangway. Triangular flag with star on it. Boy walks down gangway. Water surface, wharf. Trees of opposite shoreline. 09:35. Pleasure, showboat-like boat on water. Deck. Sign says: 'Steamer Virginia'. Passengers board boat. Man carrying wooden box. Family, people of various ages in row or motor boat at wharf side. Little girl wearing 'Sou'wester' rubber hat. She lifts it from her head and re-dons it. Group of girls and one boy run down path of home. Another girl. Five boys run down path. Little girl descends side porch steps. Aproned woman descends front steps. Girl ascends gangway. Women follow behind. Water surface. Passenger-laden row or motorboat. 11:08. Large group of people picnicing on long wooden tables. Boy eating slice of watermelon. Girl at table doing the same. Boy expectorates seeds. Man in white apron. He lights cigarette for man standing near. Moderately-passengered sailboat skims over water surface. Right point-of-view boat ride pan. of area with shoreline buildings, trees, water surface. Building among evergreen trees. Clouds on horizon. Point-of-view boat ride in area continues. Trees. Long shoreline building. Left pan. area. Sailboats. Individual voyaging sailboat. Shoreline architecture. Evergreen trees. Horizon with clouds. 12:56. Water surface. Right pan. point-of-view boat ride extended. We now move to left. Small ship on surface. Shoreline buildings. Ropes, rigging of boat. Water surface. Shoreline buildings. Quick shot of wheelbarrow being pushed by man. Boy and girl playing tennis on court. Man watches from side. Boy uses racket to retrieve ball. He sends ball over net. Little girl retrieves it. She hits it with racket. Little boy and girl exchange places on court. Man at side of court now has racket. Boy 'serves' ball. Girl misses. Man holds sailboat while he holds little girl's hand. Boy walks ahead as they three walk up path. Breeze wafts tree branches. Boy has object on end of stick. Man holds sailboat aloft. 14:39. C.U.of man holding sailboat. Boy and girl carry a case each. Older man in suit smokes pipe as he walks along. Woman runs along sprightly. Little girl walks in this copiously-foliaged area. Man, woman follow behind. Two men, woman on wharf. Little girl and boy. Woman takes their picture. Man helps little girl into boat at wharf. Man helps other man and woman into boat. Boy sprawls on stomach at bow exterior. Another woman enters boat. On wharf, man kisses little girl. Kisses boy. Shakes hands with woman. Leaning on boat, man kisses woman in boat. C.U. boy as he makes frowning face. Boy, girl, two women walk down gangway. They emerge from building with upper porch. 16:27. Boy carries bouquet. Man wearing captain's hat hauls boat into wharf by rope. Boy enters boat as man in captains's hat manually manipulates boat. Toddler girl, two girls slightly older walk down woodland path. Boy, three girls behind carries suitcase down gangway. Man carrying luggage descends gangway with girls at his side. Man, woman walk down gangway. Man launches out in small boat. (End of Reel 34.)
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