3 Copies of This Film
1) 1922.0002_VHS
2) 1922.0002_BSP
3) 1922.0002_F16
16mm film; Silent
[Alvin H. Giffin--home movies] Reel 2
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Can Descriptions
Vinegar syndrome, shrinkage, emulsion damage. // STORED IN VINEGAR FREEZER. // Ship on ocean shot from other ship; flags on ship; deck of ship rocking up and down with waves; man in uniform with little girl on deck of ship; woman and girl on deck of ship; girl climbing ladder on ship to read sign, woman standing next to her; man in sailor hat on deck of ship with barrel; boat being rowed to schooner (?); four-masted schooner (?); rowboat with men being hoisted up to deck of ship, men getting out; girl hitting golf ball in yard, boy carrying golf bag; family posed in yard; girl painting playhouse, dog in shot; girl and dog coming out door of playhouse; girl cleaning playhouse; girl in dress ups coming out of playhouse with doll, puts doll in baby buggy, pushes buggy toward camera; ice skating; woman and girl walking, holding hands; girl on deck of ship; girl steering ship; civilians and sailors onboard ship, American flag behind them; airfield with airplane; people getting off airplane; family posed on airfield; airplane landing; people getting off plane; girl running toward camera; packing parchutes ?; airplane landing; shots looking down from airborne plane: trees, paratrooper jumping out, chute opening; men in uniform working on helicopter; men in uniform cutting wood; boat on lake; plane flying overhead; ocean shot; men in field, helicopter landing; men taking stretcher out of helicopter; men rowing raft out to waterplane; waterplane landing; waterplane shots (taking off, flying); men in uniform on phone, writing, map on wall behind him; men in uniform in front of plane, shaking hands.
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