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16mm film; [300 ft.]; Silent; b&w
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DVD; Silent; b&w
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BetaCamSP; Silent; b&w
4) nhf-1688_0006-Uncompressed 10-bit.mov
[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 6
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1927 – 1931
Notes from can: 2B. Semi-good trips, etc. Mixed; Ben Block's horses. Win. '27; Maribel Vincent, World Champion before Sonja Henie, skates at Win. (M.L.'s play.); Picnic at Saquish [Saquish Beach is on Duxbury peninsula] with Phil Allens and Hamilton Gibbs. (author.); At Pecketts [?] with Snyders; Vermont flood; Poorer parts of Colorado. 1931. // Footage includes: training a horse. Figure skating/ice dancing. Cookout at the beach in Massachusetts. Snow. Intertitle: 'Mrs. Clark and her pure Eskimo dogs.' Sled dogs in action. Intertitle: 'An Expert on Skiis From Norway.' Man on hill descends and climbs again several times. Intertitle: "Vermont A bit of devastation from the Flood" Houses moved, pushed over. Intertitle (handwritten) "We get off the edge of rolled snow" car off the side of the road Intertitle "Glen Eyre" Three people walk at grand house, grounds, exploration including stone bridge. Washington DC, capitol building and visitors. Two African American children. Zoo with Peacock. Sign: "Barbara Fritchie's House and Museum." " Sign: 'Gettysburg-Antietam.'
Viewing Notes
A man training a horse. Intertitle: 'Red Rover, another Ben’s prize horses.' A man leading Red Rover. People skating, including Maribel Vincent. Close up of a woman with skating rink in the background. Intertitle: 'A sunset picnic. Mr. + Mrs. Phil. Allen + Nancy + Mr. A. Hamilton Gibbs.' People having a picnic on the beach. Intertitle: 'Feb. 1928. We have a week at Peckett’s with the Snyders.' A man walking up a snowy path. Panning shot of snowy trees. Intertitle: 'MRS. CLARK AND HER PURE ESQUIMO DOGS'. Mrs. Clark and other people with dogs hitched to a dogsled. Panning shot of mountains. A horse drawn sleigh. People and sled dogs. Panning shot of mountains. Close up of sled dogs. Intertitle: 'An expert on skiis from Norway'. People skiing. Intertitle: 'VERMONT – A BIT OF THE DEVASTATION FROM THE FLOOD'. Shots of damaged houses. Intertitle: 'We get off the edge of the rolled snow.' Horses pulling a cart and a car. Shots of rock formations (Colorado) Intertitle: 'GLEN EYRE'. Two men and a woman sitting on a balcony. Various shots of people walking outdoors. A woman on a stone bridge. Shots of rock formations. Cut to a shot of the dome of the Capitol building. Four people in front of the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. Various shots around the memorial. Shot of the Mount Vernon house. Various close ups of children. People walking around a park. Various shots of a peacock. Shot of a sign: ‘BARBARA FRITCHIE’S HOUSE AND MUSEUM.’ Wider shot of the museum. A sign post, reading: ‘GETTYSBURG ANTIETAM.’ Sign: ‘HEADQUARTERS OF MAJOR GENERAL GEORGE G. MEADE COMMANDING ARMY OF THE POTOMAC.’ Shot of a house. Panning shot of a field. Shot of the North Carolina Monument at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Shot of a cannon. [End of Reel]
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