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16mm film; 300 ft.; Silent; Color
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DVD; Unknown
[Flying Moose Lodge footage] Reel 037 (F7)
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circa 1950
Can Descriptions
Amateur footage of activities and events at Flying Moose Lodge, East Orland. Reel numbers are NHF assigned. Reel 37 (F7): [no dc ; 'D' on leader; no can/reel notes] note:book by Price(A bad case of moosepox) (UNEDITED CATALOGER'S NOTES) NHF cataloguer's notes for Reel 37. 01:24.(This reel commences in color.) Exterior of cabin. Man standing by cabin. Exterior of tent. Young men walking. 01:52. Woman stands at exterior of home. She has letter in hand. Signs at side of road. Group assembled outside of cabin. Leader stands before them. 02:22. Boy places duffel bag in bed of truck. Another boy does same with wooden chest. Duffel bag, trunk, other luggage is placed in truck bed. More luggage is brought forward. Boys stand in truck bed. Boy waves handkerchief at remaining buddies as truck motors away with luggage and boys. Man on grounds waves. 03:16. Lake surface in motion. Trees of shoreline. Moored canoes, motorboats. Left-tracking pan. of area. Inverted canoes. Shoreline trees. Bare-masted sailboat. Right-tracking pan. of area. Boy on shore. 03:54. Boy at cabin exterior. Bulletin board. Boys working on and adjusting inverted canoes. 04:09. Inverted canoes secured to top of pickup truck bed. Truck motors off. Station wagon on grounds of camp. Two boys walk down path behind truck. Station wagon goes forward with inverted canoe attached to hood. 04:36. Group of boys with backpacks attached. One has fishing rod. Boy sits on edge of truck bed. Boys remove backpacks and place them in truck bed. Boy jumps down from truck bed as backpacks and duffel bags are pushed and packed therein. Station wagon backs up and parks by truck. Two boys carry wooden case between them. 05:11. Boy with oar and backpack at station wagon exterior. Backpacks, luggage loaded into station wagon tailgate. Truck with inverted canoes attached over bed. Pile of finely-cut wood in shed. Truck motors by. 05:40. Car backs up with inverted canoe attached to hood. Dog runs in area. Man walks. Boy runs behind. Car motors forward. 06:06. Truck, the bed laden with luggage, motors down woodland road. 06:18. Boys carefully remove inverted canoes from top of truck bed. Boy and man carry canoe forward. Breeze blows leaves of trees. Boy adjusts trousers. 06:39. Boy tosses cloth item to buddy standing in canoe. Now a duffel bag is placed in canoe. 07:00. Box, assorted items placed in canoe. Water surface is in motion. Three boys and man in canoe. Two boys row. Water surface is in motion. Canoe glides smoothly along. Boys moor canoe at shoreline near rocky protrusion. Canoe starts another journey. Man wearing hat rows in stern. Boy rows in bow. Third boy passenger. Canoe is moored. Boy steps out of it. 08:10. Boys assembling, raising tent. 08:22. Boy uses hat to fan campfire. Man is crouched down by food supplies, items in bottles and cans. Boys place cans on table. Boy with ladle. Man cuts circular food item and places slice in frying pan. 09:06. Boy scoops dough from pan. Biscuits are placed in makeshift oven. Boy with ladle. Makeshift cooking device. Biscuits at side. Makeshift oven is brought forward. 09:51. Boy eats. Oar lies at right. 10:00. Two boys in rowboat. Boys on wharf. Two boys row canoe. Another follows them. Boys on wharf. Hands raised, boy on wharf claps. Another waves as canoe goes by. Second canoe goes past. 10:30. Boy saws on wood. Boys in area work with carpentry tools. They also work on wood. Man works with wood. scratches self. Boy with saw. Boy working with adze peels wood. 11:04. Bare-chested boy wields hand drill. 11:11. Man and two boys outside. They appear to be working on tent. 11:29. Boy paints board which is propped up against a boulder. 11:49. Another boy paints another item. It is raised off of ground. Boy and man by medium-sized sailboat. Sails are raised. This appears to be the carpentry project. Boy in bathrobe stops to observe. Now the sails are raised. Completed boat with sails. 12:32. Water surface in motion. Boy lowers sailboat into water. Sailboat skims on water. Copious trees of shoreline. 13:03. Sailboat glides over water surface. It is joined by a second sailboat. There is a square item on water. Lone sailboat with trees of shoreline. Second sailboat. The two sailboats bypass one another. Sailboat. Lake in motion. Copious shoreline evergreens. Sailboat in foreground and the other in distance. 14:04. Closer view of distant sailboat. Man in rowboat. Sailboat bypasses him. Boy waves from sailboat. 14:17. The two sailboats, one behind the other. Boy grasps lower end of one of the sails. 14:31. Man patches exterior of inverted canoe. He smooths patch down as boy watches. 14:44. Group of boys walk forward. Scan of group. 15:01. Meat, two poultry on spit. Man scoops food from kettle as boys line up with plates. They help themselves to adjacent dumplings. 15:18. Group sitting around eating. Right-tracking pan. of same. Boys eating at table. Bare-chested boy touches buddy on back. 15:39. Woodland path. Tents. Two boys playing table tennis. Left-tracking shadowy shot. Appears to be tents, trees, area foliage. 16:04. Extension of aforescribed. (Photography has now cleared. Normal.) 16:15. Young men in canoes. They jump up and down in the sterns. Two in one canoe. One in one canoe. One canoe capsizes and young man goes down with it. Other young man ferries canoe forward by continuing to jump up and down in stern. 16:28. Group of young men, each with oar, paddle canoe forward. Man and boy paddle canoe together. They paddle canoe backwards. Other canoe is in distance. Two canoes, fully-manned, oared on lake surface. 17:00. Two canoers abandon canoe for swim. Together, they climb back into canoe. 17:15. Evergreen trees of shoreline. Inverted canoes. Lake surface in motion. Right-tracking pan. of area. 17:36. Boy stands in doorway. He holds aloft two fish which he has caught. Buddy admires at right. Buddy tries to grasp one of the fish. 17:48. Three young men swimming. One swims forward. 17:57. Young men on platform. All dressed for swimming. 18:04. Group of male swimmers. One swims darts quickly up and returns to water. Swimmer stands as other boy swim. Thin boy near canoe on shoreline. He holds his nose as he walks along. Places finger in mouth. Young man swims along as dog does same just a bit ahead of him. Young swimmer stands in water. Young swimmers on platform. Appear to be young women. 18:57. Boy emerges from cabin. He reenters cabin. 19:14. Boys on platform. As boys paddle canoe, sea plane skims on lake surface. Man throws item from sea plane. Young man pulls on rope which is attached to sea plane. Side view of sea plane. Propeller on sea plane commences turning. Sea plane skims over water surface. 20:01. Sea plane rises into air. Bare-masted boats on lake. (End of Reel 37.)
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