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March 3 2019 at 19:16:52
[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 26
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Can Descriptions
26. Isle of Springs 1933, July 26, Doug and Dan at tennis and leaving Sawyers, San picking berries, Aug 3, 1st ball game, San out front, Aug 6, Sunday ball game, Aug 10, 2nd ball game.
Viewing Notes
NHF Cataloguer's notes for reel 26:Woman wheels infant in open carriage down small wooden bridge. Woman wheels infant in carriage on ground by small pond. Boulders and trees of shore. 18:12. Woman wheeling infant in open carriage down woodland path. Another woman walks with her. Boy walks in front. Horizon, sky, clouds. Trees silhouetted. Water, utility tower in woods at night. Silhouette shot. 19:00. Shot a bit grainy. People are on top of tower. Man in yard wheels infant in carriage. Men playing tennis on court. Two run side by side. Man practices 'lobbing' ball. 20:00. Man walks down path of home. He points fingers at infant waiting at end of path. He tousles her hair. Man cautiously wheeling infant in open carriage down steps of home. He wheels her along on sidewalk. Man with suitcase emerges from home. Man wheels infant in carriage. Man with suitcase follows behind. Harbor, boats. Two boys, men on pier. One man hands another suitcase. Man wheels infant to dock. Two boys sit on edge of boat. 21:10. Carriage and infant have been placed on deck of boat. Boys observe infant as she sits in carriage. Coup'e car. Man stands on tire guard. Biy leans out of window to grasp infant by hands. He lifts her up on running board. Lifts infant into car. Man rummages in back of rumble seat. Two boys, infant stand at side of road and wave as coup'e is driven away. 22:02. Infant walking down field. Man leans over and watches infant as she examines foliage. She plucks a flower and sniffs it. She eats berries from foliage. She opens her mouth wide. Man laying on canvas cot outdoors. He has baseball and baseball glove in hand. He points, rises. Group of men in field surrounded by evergreen trees. They're playing baseball. 23:09. Pan. of side of field with trees. Boy sits in center of long board balanced between two two-by-fours. CU of 'Sloan's Liniment' bottle set on grass in yard. Group people assembled in yard of home. Man in overcoat and knit winter hat walks down path. He smokes pipe. Woman unfurls triangular flag. Group of people waving handkerchiefs aloft. 24:02. Men resume their baseball game. Man hits base with bat. Game continues with group watching in background. Right tracking pan. of game, spectators. Man runs through background bushes. Game continues on grounds before home. Player runs. Man retrieves ball from ground. 25:02. Man throws ball. Man catches it. Player crouched down. Black handkerchief in back pocket. He chews on snack. Shot tracks to right to portray ongoing baseball game. 26:05. Spectators on long benches near porch of home. Woman sitting on bench nearer players. Man has infant in arms. Man runs down field near foliage. Ladies seated in lawn chairs. Boy holds megaphone aloft. He drops it, retrieves it. Man bats ball. 27:03. Players walk about, change positions. Woman speaks into megaphone. Spectators seated at side of field. Game resumes. Man hands another baseball bat. Boy throws school flag in air. Retrieves it. Infant in open carriage handles megaphone. Ladies seated on bench consisting of plank spread between sawhorses. Men walking down side of field. Boy hands man long stick. Girl hold triangular school flag aloft. Waves it. Spectators commence to disburse, walk away. 28:04. Woman, elderly man talking. Men lift, carry away small cot with girl still on it. Woman holds aloft small flag with the word, 'Cottagers' inscribed on it. Infant standing on rock near tree. She covers on eye with hand. She walks away from walk, but returns to it. Pier, gangway. People embarking on small passenger boat. Passengers, disembark, walk up gangway. 29:02. Rear shot passengers as they walk on ground adjacent to pier. Pov. ride in car. From our windshield view, we see car in front of us. Boy climbing on car exterior. Baseball game. Cars parked at back of field. Trees, goal posts further up the field. Men practice throwing ball, catching. Men on bench watch buddies practicing game. Men running, touching bases. Another game being played at side of field. 30:01. Rear shot masculine spectators. Two men climb bank at side of field. Spectators, women included now, at side of field. Boy with male spectators on their bench. 31:01. Game continues on field. Men, players walk to side of field. Player straightens turf near base with foot. Catcher crouched down adjacent to base. Man in undershirt handles regular shirt. Men practice on field, throwing ball, catching. Some wear uniforms, other regular clothes. Men walking on field. 32:02. Men on lawn before home. Spectators watch from top of small building. Dog runs on lawn. Boy practices swinging bat. Men practice playing adjacent to foliage at side of lawn. Right tracking pan. of area, players, spectators. Man with hands behind back watches. Man falls in attempt to touch base. 33:00. Men sitting on grass watch practice. Shoreline, lake, men playing baseball. Ladies, each with a poster-size letter hanging from back of neck, descend wooden walkway. Boy follows bearing megaphone. Woman,heading procession, wears pointed hat with large tassel attached. She raises her arms in conductor-like gesture as if leading group of musicians. Dog runs on field. 34:00. This group of women assembled on field. Standing in front of group, woman swings her arms. She leads group off of field. Ladies in procession carry frying pans. One appears to be carrying small dishpan. Infant with poster-size 'E' in hand. She wears pointed white hat. She goes to side of porch. Holds 'E' aloft. Group of men assembled adjacent to building. Toddler at seashore. She has medium-sized pail. She sets pail down near water. 35:03. She wades out into incoming wave. Boy retrieves pail which she has been holding. He dips water from wave into pail and gives pail to toddler. Incoming wave washes further up shore. Boy, toddler walk further up beach. (End of Reel 26.)
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