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1) 1521.0039_VHS
2) 1521.0039_IN3/4
3) 1521.0039_F16
16mm film; 200 ft.; Silent; Color
4) 1521.0039-.0043_DVD
DVD; Unknown
5) nhf-1521_0039-nhf- Hiram Percy Maxim-Uncompressed 10-bit .mov
[Maxim--home movies] Reel 39
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Can Descriptions
Amateur footage. Content description for Can N36; can numbers are donor-assigned. Can note: '1944 Family.' NHF cataloger's notes for Reel 39: (01:08) Family stands in yard. Boy wears soldier's uniform. Woman places basketball in net set up in yard. Woman takes net down. Girl holds net in hand. Someone throws the basketball. She catches basketball in net. Basketball is thrown into air. Man reaches up for it. Girl catches ball in net once more. Man now has net in his hand. C.U. brown horse with white nose at barn door. Goat gets up on pen. Boy pets goat. Ice skaters on frozen lake. Boy on hands and knees on ice. Boy skates along with his hockey stick. Sled, ski trails in snowy surface. Bare tree trunks. Boy descends hill on sled. (03:18) Boy gives buddy on sled a push. Other sliders now descend hill. Man and boy slide down hill on same sled. Snowy ground. Man walks in area. Banks of snow in background. One after the other, youngsters descend hill on their sleds. Youngsters gathered around. Quick scan of area with snow, trees. Two on one sled descend hill. Youngster digs vigorously in ground. No longer winter. She pauses. Another youngster takes a hoe. Girl continues digging. Horse. Girl sits on small bench just below him. Another girl carries small barrel. She opens barn door and carries it in. Boy rakes hay. He strokes dog who joins him. Girl carries white pail into barn. Boy holds straw as goat eats while poking head through fence slats. Boy hands goat small snack. Goat continues eating straw. Girl gives horse a snack. Girl pulls on cloth sack. Man commences digging in ground. Woman sits on ground. She talks to dog. Smaller dog joins the two. Woman gives horse a snack. He has walked over to meet her. Small dog feeds from pail adjacent to horse. (06:11) Woman feeds goat. Haystack in back. Girl pushes goat back as it tries to go forward. Goat walks along. Dog is near. Boy sports with goat as goat rears self on hind legs. Boy grasps goat by horns. Boy sports with goat. It tries to run forward. Goat continues to rear self on hind legs. Girl joins sporting with goat. Goat runs up to boy. He gives goat a push. Girl pushes goat off to one side. Goat drinks from pan on ground. Hen, ducks. Assembleage of boards which form a pathway. Shot a bit blurry. Lady turns on spigot at side of building. Boy, girl. Ducklings. Hen pecks at ground. Tin pail at side of building. Pathway boards. Photography still indistinct. Tail of hen. Ducklings peck for seeds. Two ladies and litle boy watching. Woman points. Girl watches while seated on pathway. Hen, ducklings, girl's feet. Ducklings, hen continue pecking. (09:01) Photography is now improved. Water surface. Shoreline trees. Buildings on opposite shore. Blimp or aerial craft in sky. Woman dressed for swimming walks up hill from shrubbery area. Small sailboat. Moderately-motioned water surface. Woman adjusting ropes of boat. She is on wharf. Woman on boat pulls sail down. Family group in front of home. Dog. Group in foliaged area. Boy emerges from shrubbery alcove. Family lines up for photograph. Two women pat dog. Woman bumps against boy, clowns a bit. Family in proximity of coup'e. Girl climbs into the rumble seat. Another girl and a boy join her. Car drives away, woman and man-driver in front seat. Little boy standing in yard. (End Reel 39)
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