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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
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3) 0895.0001-.0007_DVD
4) 0895_IN3/4
[David L. Knowlton--home movies] Reel 1
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Viewing Notes
(notes are divided into 9 parts due to length, donor's notes inserted in brackets): B&W footage: CU of macrame or knitted bag. MCU of woman's face in window. Uniformed cadets and band (possibly Greenville High School band) marching in the 1936 Greenville Centennial parade. Followed by cars, horse-drawn carriages, float, car with streamers, other marchers. Footage of restaurant exterior. Pan shot of homes, evergreen trees nearby, mountains in distance. // Color footage: [Location: Knowlton, Quebec, Canada?] Shot of homes. Large white containers like oil drums, lying in a horizontal position. Little girl sitting on steps puts on pair of 'play' spectacles. Man in shirt and tie smokes cigarette. Same man looks down at slightly-protruding stomach and smiles. Woman enters shed and brings out pitchfork. Quick shot of bakery sign. [Family-owned Knowlton Bakery, Greenville, Maine.] Little girl on roof of low building slides down roof. Woman catches her at bottom, carries girl on her shoulders. Lady in pink dress stands in doorway. Boy playing in snow, throws snowball. MS of boy pushing doll or baby carriage down sidewalk. Rapid shots of boy wearing snowsuit. Child rolling dough, cuts out dough with cookie cutter and places in pan for baking. LS of young girl playing at shoreline of lake. MS of little boy sitting on top step of home. Has white top (toy) in his right hand. He walks down steps. Another boy yawns, turns back to camera. Pushes wicker doll carriage on sidewalk. Rear shot of boy digging in ground with shovel. Boy dressed in white suit and black bowtie. Two girls with bouquets of flowers in hands. Rear shot of young boy walking with branch/flower in hand. Woman approaches holding a birthday cake and hands it to small boy. Boy approaches from behind with birthday cake in hand. CU of young boy, holding birthday cake with lit candles in his lap. Young boy dressed like a cowboy removes cowboy hat and waves it. He smiles, showing teeth. MS of two women walking down the street. Good friends, they hold hands. CUs of both ladies. One wears gold-rimmed spectacles. Dark shot of man walking forward, doubles his fists in playful gesture and walks menacingly forward. Woman with hair in curlers. Two ladies walking down the street holding hands. Two boys standing in street, run away when they realize they are on camera. Street scene with cars, people walking. Woman waves to camera. Two girls in doorway of home eating. One girl hops around. The other shields her eyes from the light. (notes continued in another record)
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